earth day!

today was the fourth annual earth day and being ecologically friendly is very important to me. whenever i hear about people trying to deny global warming and our impact on the environment i get a roar of anger and annoyance. Do they really think our lifestyle, with all the factories and everything able consumerism, how we've changed the whole way the world works, has not affected the earth's condition? that everything is perfectly fine?

we are nothing without mother nature. it is the ground that holds us up, it is the material in which we have built everything we have out of, it is what has taken care of us and what we need to take care of now.

Every ton of recycled office paper saves 380 gallons of oil.

Americans use 50 million tons of paper annually -- consuming more than 850 million trees.

Americans use 50 million tons of paper annually -- consuming more than 850 million trees.

The cost of one nuclear weapons test alone could finance the installation of eighty thousand hand pumps, giving third world villages access to clean water.

For every one of the 6 billion people on earth, nearly four tons of carbon dioxide is spewed into the air annually.

World wide, rainforests are dissapearing at a rate of one and a half football fields per second. Each spring the forests beathe in oxygen and the earth breathes out again the following autumn, but like a heavy smokers lungs the earth is loosing its ability to breathe at all. Just a few centuries ago, earths equator was girdled by a green belt of 15 million sq. miles of rain forest, an area about 5-times that of contiguous US. Now the equiv. of 3 USA's worth of Forest are GONE! there is only 6.2 million sq. miles left
sources: thinkquest envirowarrior

but using words of the wise,

never, ever, ever, ever give up
- Winston Churchill

we know that its never too late, and there's no time like the present. no matter how far you go along one road, its never too late to turn back.