snack time

snacks are bliss. anything with chocolate, I must have. I love trying out new snacks, especially ones that are well designed. most of the snacks I've tried are Asian, imported snacks, trouble if they find out something went wrong in production and there's poison in them (they practically are poison anyways) because the companies aren't big enough to make the news all the way here in the Americas.  The good thing about asian snacks is that they're not as sweet, even the Asian hard candies are much milder than american ones.  

the goodies:

bought from T&T, each cookie is individually packaged, horribly wasteful in my opinion and tedious since each cookie is very thin and eating just one is nearly impossible.
the cookies were good though, chocolate drizzled on the front and chocolate coated on the back. the cookies weren't dry and stale (props to the individual packaging). finished the box in half a week, I couldn't stay away from them.

strawberry-flavored icing filled biscuits with cute koala bears printed on them.
these are very popular, you'd be able to find them at most asian supermarkets/grocery stores. the icing is dry (but not hard) and not "jello" like as it looks like in the picture. the icing only fills up halfway, the other half is ... air. still their a nice crunchy and sweet snack

these are 3 layered, chocolate coated, cake covered mochi snacks called Qmochi.  I got these from Rice World/China World in Richmond. They carry a ton of snacks. I like them! The cake part is nice and soft, the mochi glutenous rice filling is very chewy and the chocolate coating adds a slight crunch. They aren't too sweet either. 

what are your favourite snacks?


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

i love Asian snacks too! My favorite! Funny what you said about it being poison and we wouldn't know because news will travel slow :p I remember those kuala bear chocolates had that milk powder scam that happened in China because these chocolates were supposedly packaged there O_O Crazy right?

Amy said...

Wow, so many yummii snacks! I waaant T___T


Cat said...

hi...over here! Yes, me! I am a HUGE fan of snacks and am always looking for my "new fav". Right now I am loving candy coated black licorice (for the sweet) and multi-grain crackers (for the salty).

Diana said...

I love snacks! I really shouldn't be looking at this so late at night. -___- *drools

suki pooki said...

*drools* look at all those snacks! The koala bear cookies are also my fav! They're from my childhood and I still crave them today! Im also a sucker for pretty packaging, how do they make a pack of chocolate look so sophisticated?! But what sucks about imported snacks is a chocolate pack can cost me nearly 10$ =( Oh wells, they taste yummmsss

Oh Im just like you when I travel, I never stay in "cheaper" "shady" hotels LOL My price range is normally somewhere around 120$ o0o0o I have never booked when an asian agency before but will definitely check them out now, I normally do all the booking myself =P but another friend of mines told me the same thing so it must be good!

Alicia Alina said...

Muy lindo el blog, un beso grande y te leo de cercaa! :D
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Besos de purpurina, alicia.

αвву M. said...

aisan snacks are yummy <3

Cuestión De Moda said...

mmmmmmm....sweety pics!!

cryskay said...

i love asian snacks!!! i just picked up a giant box of strawberry pocky this weekend & i cant stop eating it. help! xx

Chloé said...

Yummy !! :D

Cindii said...

Yummy! You're making me so hungry!!

augustalolita said...

ah that look so delicious!! i love sweets and snacks!! i've eaten the koala ones before, but i dont think ive had the other two, i need to look for those!! they look so yummy <3