Nyx Concealer in a Jar


Product: Nyx Concealer in a Jar
Shade: Light
Overall rating: 7.5

After hearing lots of good reviews on this concealer, I finally bought one. My review is going to be very neutral, its just ok, not amazing. It’s better than Maybelline’s Dream Mousse concealer, not as good as Coastal Scents’ concealer pallet. Its best quality is that it’s very thin and smooth. .nyx3

Maybelline’s Dream mousse concealer was more grainy and took more blending. It was also soft and  could be thick and powdery. Coastal Scent’s concealer pallet gives tons of coverage but is quite thick. The problem with this Nyx one is that the coverage is low so time and product needed to build coverage and that would make it just as thick as Coastal Scent’s. The level of coverage it provides isn’t much better than a medium-high coverage foundation


The jar packaging is also unsanitary. Its too hard for a brush (unless you warm it up first) but using your fingers every time could just be building up bacteria. 

If you’re looking for a concealer for light imperfections, this is a good one to try. Otherwise, there are better ones out there in a similar price range. 

in my eyes

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Photos from last year’s trip to NYC. Edited in Photoshop, haven’t done this in a while, I miss this.

I remember once imagining what my life would be like, what I’d be like. I pictured having all these qualities, strong positive qualities that people could pick up on from across the room. But as time passed, few became qualities that I actually had. And all the possibilities I faced, and the sorts of people I could be, all of them got reduced every year to fewer and fewer until finally they got reduced to one — to who I am. And that’s who I am.

- The Weather Man