i got some great news! after some spur of the moment plans, i'm going to New York in two weeks for spring break! we just got the tickets a few days ago and i can't wait but i'm also, to a point, scared. i really want to love new york, I mean when i hear about it or watch t.v. shows that are in it (which is like every sitcom, i.e. Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Stenfield etc.) it seems like its the perfect place for me. There's the wealthy, high-class metropolitan side, the urban but rustic artsy side and everything things in between. you've got the old money and the no money. you've got Vogue and The New York Times. its a million different places and atmospheres put together, side by side.  

don't get me wrong I love vancouver, I've lived here almost all my life and some of my best memories were made here but I wanna be in place that I can really get lost in and, as cheesy as this sounds, lose myself in. but what if my dream place isn't as amazing as i want it to be? what about after when new york isn't a place  i want to visit for the first time?

but between now and then I don't have a lot of time to think about the trip, I've got a lot of other things to worry about. im going to be super busy but i have some things i've planned so far.

things i want to do in new york
  1.  vintage shopping! let see what those rich folks have tossed out ...
  2.  visit forever 21 times square
  3. eat a hot dog at central park
  4.  see the statue of liberty of course
  5. buy lots of makeup and clothes, stuff is so much cheaper in the states! the markups in canada are crazy (revlon colorstay = $20 CAD vs. $10USD in the US)
  6.  see what new york's chinatown is like. i hear the food is really good?
  7.  new york pizza! (what's the best pizza place in new york?)
  8. look at those shops like  tj maxx, marshalls, big lots, cvs (is there anything left of the clearance?), target, and dollar tree to check out those crazy deals i've read about!
  9. go to h&m, urban outfitters, daiso US, abercrombie & fitch, ulta, sephora US and century 21. popular stores i have never set foot in.
suggestions? please let me know!


Gloria said...

Revlon colorstay is $20 in vancouver?!?!?! It's $14-16 here >.<

I'm so excited for you, have a good trip and take lots of pictures to share with us!

I've never been to NY NY, so I don't know what to recommend but I'm looking forward to your recommendations when you get back.

Have fun!

PopBlush said...

Revlon Colorstay is around $35~$40 Aussie dollars here which atm the foreign exchange rate is close to $1USD=$1AUD :(

Have a great trip!! :D

ml said...

i'm really excited for u! NYC is my favorite city of all time... the best h&m is on 5th street uptown.. i can't remember the street.. i think somewhere around 50th?
and right around there is the FIRST sephora that opened in the states. all of the urban outfitters i know are located downtown where things are a lot more vintage/urban..
try Grays Papaya hotdogs.. they're the BEST ny hotdogs! they're located on almost every street corner.
make sure to stop by RICKYs.. it's a nyc chain beauty store...
have so much fun!!! =)

Fannie said...

I am so excited for you! You're going to love NY it's quite different from Vancouver that's for sure. Great list of things to do. Just a tip about statue of liberty, if you want to go there you will need to reserve a whole day for it. I wasn;t able to go see it because I was only in NY for a weekend. Have a great time and i hope the weather warms up while you are there. It's still pretty chilly here in the east coast. Snowed again here in Toronto.

Supergirl said...

Oh! Have a good time there!!

Ashley said...

I'd love to ditch Vancouver for New York but I need the cash first!
You're forgetting Duane Reade, Walgreens, and Rite Aid (for drugstores). There's also a Meiji and Uniqlo in New York. Loads of Japanese yet stylist ding dongs/clothing to be bought.
Hope you have loads of fun!

che said...

Wow sounds like an amazing trip to take and nothing beats a spur of the moment trip.

I like your to do list, and hope you have a great to time and get to do all the things you want to do.

TheEmmiFace said...

Don't worry about getting your expectations too high! Just be thankful that you get to go on a potentially amazing trip where you get to explore an entire new city! I've been to New York a few times, and each time I've loved it. There are so many things to do there! Here are a few things I suggest:

If you like art, visit the MOMA for modern or the metropolitan for more classical pieces.

For shopping go to SoHo: there are streets filled with shop after shop! If you like good quality but still affordable basics, take a look at UNIQLO (NY is the only U.S. location! Do they have this store in Canada?) Check out Topshop! It's pricey, but it's always nice to look at (NY is the only location for this store as well! It's very popular in Europe)

If you like theater: Watch a musical! I've always wanted to see Wicked, but I never got a chance too :( Try and buy tickets in advance though, because they sell out fast!

For Food: Utilize Yelp! It has always helped me find great places to eat when I'm in a foreign place. Stop by Serendipity 3 for some frozen hot chocolate! Have you seen the movie?

Last tip: Use the subway/metro stations :) It's a great and efficient way to explore the city! And don't forget to bring comfy shoes because you'll be doing a lot of walking.

TheEmmiFace said...

I'm glad you like all the tips! I'm excited for you :)

I've been to Canada before, and I remember going to a really big mall in toronto! I love the basics from TNA, and I really want a bench jacket!

PopBlush said...
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Christina said...

my friend, I went to New York for my first time in December and had the absolute best time!!!

Things to check out:

Century 21 - HUGE department store (like a Winners but way bigger)

Times Square - Amazing shops, biggest Sephora ever AND the best little pizza house on the block. (it's just down from the Hard Rock can't miss it)

Have an amazing time!

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aki! said...

Someone else already mentioned this, but I'd definitely hit the museums. Also, remember to be safe!

Lala said...

I wanna go to NY too !
Love the city :)
Have a great time there ^^

xo lala

LOVEcosmetics said...

Have a good time there!

Lunabunniie said...

Thanks for the follow :))
I wanna go to New Yoork too!
enjoy your shopping girl :))

have fun!

ChocoDisco said...

i'm so jealous!!

I was in New York couple years ago... the vintage shopping was AWESOME!

definitely go to Brooklyn to check out the consignment stores and independent shops =) one of the biggest consignment stores is called Beacon's Closet, go there hon!

FashionableAsians said...

Besides fashion, I know my food in NY ;P The best pizza in NY is Singa's Famous Pizza, their personal pies are just big enough for one person and they are delicious! But they only have it in Queens, normally tourists don't venture into Queens so it's just a neighborhood favorite :P
..and great food is all over Chinatown, unfortunately not many of them pass their health inspections with flying colors LOL But Joe Shanghai is great for their soup dumplings YUMMMM Hope this helps!

cryskay said...

go to topshop and eat at the shake shack! xo