belated daiso haul + loves

i promised my daiso haul a while ago and i kinda forgot about it for a bit *hangs head in shame* but now i can also give reviews on the products and i added some stuff i bought earlier ;D daiso is the biggest 100 yen (japan's version of $1) store franchise in japan, their location in Aberdeen was their first store North America back in 2003 and since then they've opened up a couple more. In the US their stuff is mainly $1.50 and in Canada its mostly $2. they have a lot of weird/cool/i-could-use-that products and cheap necessities, there's a big thread on their products on mallvibes (click here) and soompi (click here). Usually people say that their stuff's quality is really good for the price but sometimes I disagree (their notebooks and letter kits should be cheaper!). Everything's from japan/asia and they have a lot of asian products that you're not likely to find anywhere else in America. They also arn't able to restock that often so their good stuff goes fast, the first time i went i walked out wondering why everyone kept telling me to go there but the second time i felt like i found heaven.

winmax nail polish 3/5  [$2CAD] - very glittery - easy to peal off, but if you just apply a thin layer it's a pretty, sheer pink

charcoal cleansing cream 3/5 [$2CAD]  - ok at removing makeup, its a thick, grey, oily formula - contains petroleum (vaseline) - smells nice. I actually bought this by accident, I meant to get their peel off charcoal face mask which I've heard a lot about but i picked up this one by mistake, both packagings are really similar. the charcoal face mask is just about always sold out (grrr...).

water resistant hair turban/band  5/5 [$2CAD] - these sort of head bands are really popular in asia, you wear them when you wash your face to keep your hair from getting spashed with water, the fluffly fabric ones are more popular, i guess because their soft, but waterproof more hygienic, the fabric will absorb the water and bacteria thrive in damp places. this one was really comfortable, it wasn't too tight (and i have a big head) and it's really cute!

"rainbow" makeup bag 5/5 [ around $5CAD ? i forgot...] -  the quality of the bag is pretty good, the fabric is flexible, waterproof and there's a little pocket inside. i haven't had any problems with the zipper. i just bought it because it was cute and i haven't really been using it though (its too pretty to take it off the shelf, i'd probably ruin it real quick lol)

tupperware 5/5 [ $2CAD] - their containers are a really good buy. the sizes are good and they have lots of types (such as "special" ones like a tofu holder and a bread slice container). the photo below shows the three i have on the left. 

mini photo trimmer 4/5 [ $3CAD] its a decent photo trimmer, it can also cut paper but you need a container roughly the same height to keep the paper from bending. the storage underneath is useful.

weights (sand) 5/5 [ $2CAD] - you tie them around wrists or ankles, heavier ones can strain your elbows or knees if you wear them too much but these are around 1 pound so they should be fine. its a good deal for 2 bucks.

hand/foot massager 4/5 [ $5.50CAD] - feels really prickly on your feet, feels fine on hands, no creaking noises. its supposed to increase blood flow to your feet or hands and release tension through acupuncture-like poking. my mom loves this (go figure huh?)

hand/foot massager 4/5 [ $10.50CAD] - one of the more expensive products, much less prickly then one above, same purpose but bigger, makes creaky noises which reduces its relaxing ability (you could oil it but who wants to do that?)

nose roller 4/5 [ $2CAD] -
one of those strange items you find at daiso that makes you go hmmm... i got it cause i read about the nose clip on soompi (supposed to make your nose narrower and taller, most asians have "flat" noses and i am one of them)and thought why not. its alright i guess. i haven't been using it religiously, you need to use it with a clean face or the bacteria/oil will build up and in the morning before i put on makeup i really don't have any time and at night when i take off my makeup its late and i want to hit the sack so this has been only been used on the occasional weekend when i'm bored and lazy and want to seem as if i'm doing something. the "soft" side hurts at first and the "hard" side is smooth and is much more comfortable. i think my nose looks a little narrower after i use it (nostrils gone in a bit) but could just be wishful thinking. the cartridge in your nose can be shaped though.

animal erasers 3/5 [ $2CAD] - there are six of them in a pack, super adorable but they suck at erasing. its the stiff, bendy type that doesn't shed a lot of bits but its doesn't erase well.
round paint brushes 4.5/5 [ $2CAD] - good brushes for the price, the hairs don't fall out when you paint (but a little does fall out from time to time), overall they're good quality!

nail buffers/nail filers 4.5/5 [ $2CAD] - you get two in a pack (two buffers or two filers) and they have a sticker with the instructions. thumbs up for both. for the buffer however, i'd advise using the grey side (the polishing side) right before you go out, because unfortunately the shine washes out quick.

i also have their gold eyelash curler and some other stuff but i haven't taken pictures yet. their eyelash curlers are raved about (some say its better then the shu umera one?) but for me, it curves too much (the gold one) for my eyelid and can't get all my lashes. i still want to try their eyelid tape, mascara, eyeshadow, snacks, paint, false eyelashes, charcoal air freshener and charcoal face mask .i hope i haven't crashed anyone's computer will all my pictures, i'm trying to balance it out.

my birthday was on monday!  i went to see inception with some friends and had lunch at boston pizza afterwards (double cheeseburger pizza, it was good). we saw the movie at 12, i guess most people don't like to wake up before noon on sundays, it was like we had the whole theater to ourselves. inception was epic, Christopher Nolan is my favourite director and he has never made a movie that didn't amaze me. truth be told i was afraid he would disappoint me during the first half, it didn't start off as well as I expected it to be but it definitely picked up. everything about the movie was incredible, the plot, the story telling, the music (hans zimmer wrote the score, he did the lion king, gladiator, the dark knight, and he's won like a dozen oscars.), the acting (joseph gordon-levitt! can't go wrong), the cinematography, everything. there was plenty of twists and good lines. really, go see it, its brilliant.

“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today"
- James Dean

green tea beauty

I've been trying to be healthy lately and take care of myself. I don't really like drinking tea because its so bitter (ick ) and I can't add sugar because sugar can cause attention deficit disorder (among others) which I have a suspicion I might be developing and I can't have anything that will  make studying any more of  a pain.   

Of course, green tea is really well known to have a lot of benefits. It has properties that increases your metabolism and helps burn fat faster. A lot of companies are using green tea extracts as one of the main ingredients in weight loss pills.  Green tea contains 10 times more antioxidants then most fruits and vegetables including flavoid antioxidants that fight free radicals. It also prevents bad breath, lowers bad cholesterol and promotes good cholesterol. The amount of caffeine it contains ranges anywhere between 15-75 mg (newer leaves have more caffeine) which is about 1/4-1/3 the amount in coffee.

first bring water to a boil
let it cool for 2-3 minutes, tea is best brewed in 60-80 C (140°F - 175°F).
combine with tea, tea bags have more caffeine and less tea flavor so try to use loose leaves more often. also, loose leaves can be reused more times. let it sit for about 3-4 minutes

and drink. While the tea is hot the catechins (where the antioxidants are) and the theanine (which sweetens) reduce the effects of caffeine by combining with it. When the tea cools the catechins disintegrate and more caffeine is released.

Green tea also makes a very nourishing facial mask, toner or exfoliating scrub. On top of detoxifying and repairing the skin (helps sooth a sunburn), it fights acne and delays signs of aging with its ability to firm skin and is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

The toner is really simple to make, all you need is to brew a cup and refrigerate it, there are a lot of good reviews here.

Green Tea and chocolate antioxidant Facial Mask
- 1 tbsp green tea powder
- 1 tbsp cocoa powder (unsweetened)
- 1 teaspoon honey
mix together and rinse off after 20 minutes
chocolate is a rich source of flavonoid antioxidants that help slow down the aging process and the green tea makes skin softer and smoother and helps heal acne

instead of green tea powder i just cut open a tea bag and use its contents but you can make green tea powder by crushing the leaves manually or with a food processor (like a blender).

looks all mucky.... but your skin feels so fresh afterwards.

Green Tea Face Mask (all skin types)
- 2tbs  Oats
- 1/4 cup of strong hot green tea
- 1/2 tsp of honey
combine the ingredients while the green tea is still hot to make a thick paste. By using the mask warm you make it easier for your skin to absorb the nutrients. leave it on for 20-30 minutes and rinse off. apply moisturizer and your done!

enjoy and treat yourself from within and over.

 “Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.”

sunscreen reviews and info

neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunblock spf 85 5/5
- non sticky and absorbs quickly
- smells fine 
- matte
- broad spectrum (UV-A and UV-B rays) 
- feels weightless
- really smooth
- photo stable
- small bottle, only 88mL
- might be too light for dry skin, it's not very moisturizing.

neutrogena ultimate sport sunblock spf 45 5/5
read full review here
- doesn't have that "sunscreen smell"
- smells pleasant, the scent doesn't linger
- goes on smoothly, not greasy or sticky
- its not matte but its not shiny
- water proof
- photo stable
- lightweight and absorbs well
- hydrating and has antioxidants
- oil free and PABA free
- broad spectrum (UV-A and UV-B rays) 

hawaiian tropic (spray-on) sunscreen spf 55    3.5/5
- toxic-like smell when you spray it (i'm sure its harmless but it doesn't smell good)
- sticky at first but after about 10-15 minutes it sinks in
- broad spectrum (UV-A and UV-B rays) 
- spray dispenser works really well, easy to spray
- waterproof
- says its oil free but it feels kind of oily
- if you want to use this on your face, i'd recommend applying a lightweight moisturizer first because it doesn't hydrate and because it's sticky when you apply it, a moisturizer would make it go on a lot smoother. 
- shiny and although it doesn't feel heavy, you can still notice it, especially if your sweating.
(TIP- with spray sunscreens, still rub it in after because there's that chance that it missed a few spots and you can end up with a spotty tan. maybe do two layers just to be safe)


Coppertone Spf 60 sunscreen  1/5 
- i hated this one!
- very sticky and very, very thick oily feel (but it says its oil free)
- shiny and heavy feeling
- it didn't seem to work, i used it for a week (following the instructions) but i still tanned! i could tell by my new tan line from wearing half-selve hentleys.
- regular sunscreen smell, but it doesn't linger
- I do not recommend using this on your face, its much too greasy and it made me break out.
- broad spectrum (UV-A and UV-B rays)

hawian tropic spf 70  3/5
(i couldn't find the proper photo, the packaging is similar to the picture but instead of purple its in blue and spf 70 not 30)
note* i'm doing this review by memory because i had it taken away at the airport (forgot about the no liquids on board rule) so it may not be accurate
- thick
- moisturizing (made my skin soft afterward!)
- greasy
- broad spectrum (UV-A and UV-B rays)

Coppertone Oil Free Sunblock Lotion For Faces, SPF 30 4/5
- formula is a bit lumpy
- goes on smooth 
- shiny but not sticky
- broad spectrum UV-A and UV-B
- water resistant
- moisturizing and contains anti-oxidants vitamins A & E and skin conditioners
- hypoallergenic

my biggest pet peeves about sunscreen is A - the smell, and B - the heavy, greasy, sticky feeling that higher SPF sunscreens usually leave. I mean its freakin' hot out! and i tend to sweat, a lot, like a pig. its not something i'm proud of. so far the neutrogena ones are the best, they're the more expensive drugstore sunscreens for their (small) amount but i guess you get what you pay for and they're the  ones that make me feel comfortable. Sunscreen looses effectiveness after about a year (some last two) so it'd be a good idea to get the small bottles if you don't use that often.

you do not need to wear sunscreen every waking minute, you need approx. 15 minutes of sun three times a week. too little sun exposure ends up in vitamin D difficency which can lead to a whole other load of cancers as well as osteoporosis, 10% of all annual cancer deaths in the US could have been prevented if each had a sufficient level of vitamin D.


  • It's important to apply the right amount of sunscreen, not applying enough can cause the SPF to be fractioned.  
  • Waterproof products provide protection for up to 80 minutes, water-resistant products protect for up to 40 minutes and sweat-resistant products protect for up to 30 minutes of heavy sweating.
  • Sunblock is opaque (it can leave a white film after you apply it) and does not need to be reapplied. Sunscreen is transparent and its ingredients break down faster under sunlight (thus needing to be reapplied)
  • SPF stands for the Sun Protection Factor and is the scientific measurement of the amount of UV radiation that it would take to cause sunburn on bare skin, so SPF 15 means that it can stand 15 times the normal amount of UV that it would take to cause sunburn. The higher the SPF, the longer the amount of time and the stronger intensity of the sun the sunscreen can hand. SPF only protects against UV-B rays, there isn't a global measurement for protection against UV-A rays. Sunscreens with  zinc oxide, avobenzone, or ecamsule have the best UV-A protection. UV-A radiations enter deeper into the skin, when skin tans it is caused by UV-A rays.  Suppressed immune function is also an effect of UV-A radiation; this  leads to premature aging of the skin. UV-B radiations are the rays that cause skin cancer and sunburns, they mainly cause tissue damage at the skin's surface. UV-B rays are able to deconstruct collagen which leads to wrinkle formation, i.e. premature aging. 
  • sunscreen should be stored away from heat and light and at 15 - 30 degrees celcius (59 - 86 degrees Fahrenheit)   
thanks wikipedia ;)   
yeah i'm a dork 8)

new layout!

Change is the essence of life.
Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become

i love the old layout to death but i really prefer something simpler and this layout allows me to post larger pictures =D. comments are enabled now and there are older posts/newer posts links on the bottom which the last layout sadly didn't include.  this layout isn't my design, i actually just jocked it from another site, (created under "sites i follow") hope she forgives me, because i really like it!  this week was the first real week of summer for me, last week i finished exams and took care of other business (like shopping for "necessities", i found some really good sales!).

some of the beauty purchases  (it was mostly clothes)

 bath and body works: ps. I love you body lotion and they gave a coupon with it! (although it expires really quickly, there's about a week left for me to use it)

clean and clear in shower facial 1 minute face mask. i've tried it once so far and i used the night moisturizer from their same line last year, it was ok. i love the packaging.

on another note..
the temperatures have jumped this week and the skies have cleared! just last week it was gloomy and relatively cool outside but this week the heat is almost suffocating. 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) probably sounds like heaven to the rest of you but we went from 11 degrees to 25+ in just a few days.  

its gorgeous outside!  the sky is the brightest of blue and it smells like sunscreen everywhere. 
i've also taken to catch up on my reading, i've re-woken my love for harry potter and learning about Madonna since she's been a huge influence on all the top female superstar pop singers (Britney, Gaga, Christina, etc.).

the future comes closer with every second and i'm still that girl with the most impossible dream. i don't want my life to be ordinary, i can't stand being one of many. reading harry potter actually inspired me to be more like Hermione and take my grade seriously because even though they mean little to me and i don't find them an accurate evaluation of intelligence, others do. the government's education system today is based on a coordination of tests, it doesn't care about understanding or knowledge, it runs on memorization. math, what should be logic, is based on the memorization of a series of formulas, you don't have to understand it, you only need to identify which to use and follow it. Technically, it's not learning but it does make it easier for the teacher and for the student and its just something i need to prove that i can do. i'm typically an honor role student but i want to be one of the few that take their GPA up by another 10%.    

now's my time to relax and get the laziness out of my system =)