Nyx Round Lipsticks

nyx lipsticks  

nyx lipps

Overall Rating: 10/10

These are my favourite lipsticks so far and they are cheap! The NYX location I got this from was at Surrey Central where they sell them for $4.99 each but you can get them online for as low was $2. Most drugstore/inexpensive lip colour brands have a very low range of colours that are mostly bright, vibrant red, pinks and purples but NYX has a huge selection of nude lipstick and wearable everyday colours. They all apply smoothly, are well pigmented and the packaging is sleek. Such a steal.

nyx lips

(swatches on my hand)

590 Honey - A great nude lipstick if you have pale skin. There are less pink/red tones than Circle so this shade can give you concealer lips. What I like to do is apply a very thin layer so some of natural lip colour peaks through and it ends up looking natural and pretty.

522 Circe  – My favourite of the bunch, no conceal lips. Slight pink tones that help it look more natural.

617 Summer Love – The most flattering nude-pink lipstick that I’ve found so far. (Keep in mind I haven’t tried that many) The thing is that this shade is kind of frosty so it still not very natural.