aerie kiss water gloss

This gloss isn't very shiny but it has a lot of shimmer and it goes on pretty thin. Personally I don't like wearing thick glosses because they feel so heavy that it bothers me. Its slightly more pigmented than than most glosses but still goes on fairly sheer. The colour doesn't really show, both colours actually make my lips look more or less the same, but there is definitely a lot of shimmer. The shimmer is more apparent in the purple shade because the gold it contrasts with the colour of the gloss more.

"coral" is slightly pinker in real life

this shade is less redish and less vibrant in real life

The scents that they have are very sweet, like candy lollipops.  They both smell very similar to me because the sweetness covers up any hints of different "flavors" but the scent fades very quickly so that may be also why I can't tell the difference.  What I have noticed is that they taste sweet too! Most of the glosses I've tried smell good but don't taste like anything or are slightly bitter, which is something I've noticed at lunch while wearing them.

I buy lip glosses based on their packaging, I don't really like wearing them I just like getting them because their pretty. Also in Vancouver there's so much wind here that wearing lip gloss out would have a whole head of hair stuck on your lips in half a minute. I think this is another product that's alight but not fantastic, I don't want to buy it again but I don't regret purchasing it either. 

i want


1. to just relax. no more stress. no more worrying. 
2. retail therapy
3. new makeup brushes.
4. ice cream.
5.  i want to be in new york already!  
spring break just started for me and it couldn't have come at a better time. i don't want to think about the last few weeks, thank god that's all over, i just want to do the things that i want to do and have a good, fun break. i want to be refreshed and well rested and start enjoying my time. new york in 3 days! i. can't. wait!
when I let go of what I am, I become what I might be
- Lao Tzu

japan 9.0 magnitude earthquake

hi everyone, thank you all so much for all the tips and advice on new york for my trip. i feel so blessed for all your support.
On March 11, 2011 japan was hit with an enormous earthquake the 5th largest earthquake of all time and the hardest earthquake Japan has ever faced. The tragic earthquake in Haiti last year had a magnitude of 7.0 and try to recall the amount massive of damage it inflicted and all the lives it took, the one that erupted in Japan today is 707.945 larger than that haiti earthquake.
"The quake that struck 2:46 p.m. was followed by a series of aftershocks, including a 7.4-magnitude one about 30 minutes later. The US Geological Survey upgraded the strength of the first quake to a magnitude 8.9, after initially saying it was 7.9. The quake struck at a depth of 10km, about 125km off the eastern coast, the agency said. The area is 380 kilometres northeast of Tokyo. The quake was so strong it moved the entire country's location by approximately 2 meters (about 6.6 feet) "
Luckily, because Japan experiences small earthquakes frequently, they are better prepared. most buildings are constructed to be much safer in the event of an earthquake, (Japan is said to be the most prepared nation the world for earthquakes) however because this one is so strong there still has been catastrophic damage and many areas have been swallowed by water.

the death toll exceeds 10,000 (updated march 13, souce: daily nation and CBC news) thousands remain missing. Many of those deaths were cause from drowning, numerous aftershocks followed the initial earthquake and tsunami warnings were issued all along the pacific coast.

tsunami warning predictions in Japan

Fortunately, the tsunami waves produced from the quake have not caused extensive damage along the Pacific rim, however 1 person is confirmed dead from the harbor of Crescent City, California after attempting to photograph the tsunami waves. Japan was already facing a huge problem with depopulation as the economy forced everyone, woman included to work full-time and less people had the time to start a family. it is unknown how japan will repair itself from this disaster
"Prime Minister Naoto Kan addressed the nation shortly after the quake, saying the government will do "everything possible to minimize the damage." " - The Washington Post

even today (Saturday, March 12, 2011) japan is still, experiencing and expecting more aftershocks.  another earthquake with a magnitude of over 7.0 is expected (70% chance) within the next week. Japan has faced over 370 aftershocks since Friday. 

"On Saturday, an estimated 6.4-magnitude quake hit near the east coast of Honshu at about 10:15 p.m. local time, just 82 kilometers from Fukushima, home of the already damaged nuclear reactor that stoked fears of a meltdown. Another quake on Saturday registered 6.1. - CTV news


students show their support in their school in Ahmedabad, India

Canada: Text REDCROSS to 30333 to donate $10
Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 

As of March 12, Canadians have already donated over $77,000 to the Red Cross! (source) Please show your support!

to learn more please read these from the boston globe, CTV news , the Japan Meterological Agency and
have a loved one in japan? wireless phones are down but landlines are still working! (call 613-943-1055 or 1-800-387-3124) or try google person finder.

UPDATE (3/12/2011): The Japan Meteorological Agency has revised the magnitude of Friday’s earthquake to 9.0, up from 8.9. (source: BBC news)

this post will be edited as a i get more information, my heart goes out to everyone suffering from this earthquake and i hope help comes quickly to those in need.

it seems we just keep discovering the earthquake was worse and worse. stay strong japan!



i got some great news! after some spur of the moment plans, i'm going to New York in two weeks for spring break! we just got the tickets a few days ago and i can't wait but i'm also, to a point, scared. i really want to love new york, I mean when i hear about it or watch t.v. shows that are in it (which is like every sitcom, i.e. Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Stenfield etc.) it seems like its the perfect place for me. There's the wealthy, high-class metropolitan side, the urban but rustic artsy side and everything things in between. you've got the old money and the no money. you've got Vogue and The New York Times. its a million different places and atmospheres put together, side by side.  

don't get me wrong I love vancouver, I've lived here almost all my life and some of my best memories were made here but I wanna be in place that I can really get lost in and, as cheesy as this sounds, lose myself in. but what if my dream place isn't as amazing as i want it to be? what about after when new york isn't a place  i want to visit for the first time?

but between now and then I don't have a lot of time to think about the trip, I've got a lot of other things to worry about. im going to be super busy but i have some things i've planned so far.

things i want to do in new york
  1.  vintage shopping! let see what those rich folks have tossed out ...
  2.  visit forever 21 times square
  3. eat a hot dog at central park
  4.  see the statue of liberty of course
  5. buy lots of makeup and clothes, stuff is so much cheaper in the states! the markups in canada are crazy (revlon colorstay = $20 CAD vs. $10USD in the US)
  6.  see what new york's chinatown is like. i hear the food is really good?
  7.  new york pizza! (what's the best pizza place in new york?)
  8. look at those shops like  tj maxx, marshalls, big lots, cvs (is there anything left of the clearance?), target, and dollar tree to check out those crazy deals i've read about!
  9. go to h&m, urban outfitters, daiso US, abercrombie & fitch, ulta, sephora US and century 21. popular stores i have never set foot in.
suggestions? please let me know!