aveeno ultra calming face cream

overall rating: 4/5
this is one of aveeno's night creams in their ultra-calming line. its a bit more expensive then your average drugstore moisturizer (and a bit smaller at 50mL), i got it for $20CAD at superstore (not including tax) but aveeno is a pretty trustworthy brand to find good products for sensitive skin or just all skin types overall. this cream has a very light texture, its not greasy and it absorbs quickly and is a light beige colour, like very pale oatmeal. it does have a scent to it, i have oily skin so it doesn't irritate me but it probably wont calm sensitive skin. it's a very light, fresh moisturizer that keeps skin smooth and hydrated but it doesn't seem to much else. i do like this product a lot but I'm still a little disappointing with it, i was really hoping for a moisturizer that would make skin glow.  for $20 there are definitely better night creams out there but this is still a good, standard product.

october is going to be a real packed month for me, i'm going to be looking for my first job, i've got practises every day (weekends too! no slacking) and races every Wednesday, and i'll be spending a lot of time on schoolwork. expect a lot of product reviews because i wont have a lot of time to blog about much else! (btw - i moved the comment link to the end of the post yesterday, makes more sense to me that way!)

also, this week i got my first blog award!
1. Thank the blogger who gave the award
thank you gmoodfashion! i'm really happy that you like my content!

2.Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words
inspire, create, share, expresses, connect

3.Pass this on to other bloggers that you feel have a substance in their blogs
I give this award to the following:
angie of pandaphilia.com
she's been so supportive and she runs a real awesome fashion blog! angie you're the best!

annie of whatanniewears.com another adorable fashion blog! her DIY tutorials are really helpful and creative as well. i've gotten lots of inspiration from her photos.

katy of twentyfourcarat.net she's also a vancouver blogger and she's mad funny. she also does a lot of motivational fitness posts.

thanks so much guys!  gotta make cocoabee.blogspot.com better and better (:

“Kindness is like snow - it beautifies everything it covers” 


ChocoDisco said...

hey darling! thank you so much for giving me an award =) so glad that you like my site!

i'm gonna have a hard time picking who to give the award to... so many wonderful blogs out there!

Zoe said...

Thanks for the review, I wish we had Aveeno stuff here too, love ur words in ur blog^^