Aritzia Warehouse Sale 2012

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My Purchases


Talula Bustier Dress $24.99TNA tank $9.99Wilfred Bustier tank $14.99


I got there this morning around 9:20 am and there was no line-up! There was no line-up when I left either around 10:30am. The sale was disappointing to say the least.  I’m not sure if it was because it’s day two of the infamous sale but there were very, very few desirable items left. It’s a large venue, and there are racks and racks of clothes but sizes and styles have been thrown everywhere by shoppers. The sale prices weren’t much lower than “You Snooze You Loose” Aritzia Sales. Clothes were still expensive and probably now damaged because of the hectic environment (fall on the floor, stepped on, hangers caught in sweaters pulling threads lose, etc.).

Some Items I saw

TNA Ragan Sweaters – Wilfred Free Sweaters ($59.99)


1. few of these in Large (not sure of prices or name)        2. Sabine Dress $74.99               3. A lot of these dresses in Prints ($?)


Talula Fruit Bustiers (lots of them) – Talula Babaton Fielding Blazer ($99)

TNA hoodies – White olympics hoodie with Aboriginal Art design, Grey hoodie (a few), Neon pink hoodies (Two racks full!)

Long Trench Coats in a Camel colour ($149.99) - Wilfred Franca Dress ($74.99)

These are a few of the items but keep in mind there are hundreds of other items from previous seasons and years and most of them are just not worth buying at all. I’m really glad I didn’t have to line up for the sale because it would just have been the biggest disappointment.

the Sale is

1. Messy stuff is on racks everywhere and it is quite crowded.

2. Carries lots of certain items – such as Neon TNA hoodies and black TNA backpacks with different coloured neon TNA writing all over then

3. Crowded changing tent – you have to fight for a space infront of a mirror, it’s a lot easier to change outside with a friend to take a photo of you trying on each item and then looking through the photos to decided what you want. A plus for being inside the tend is that you get to search through other people’s rejects which are usually better items then are outside.

4. Lots of cashiers – almost no lineup to pay.


mindy said...

so jealous, Toronto did not have a warehouse sale! :(

t said...

Nice post! I like that bustier dress you got!

denny said...

I absolutely love the dresses you bought! Gorgeous! (:

Ai said...

Lovely finds! I managed to snatch a Mackage leather jacket as some came out. The girls were vicious!!

Elise said...

Such nice purchases!

Fannie said...

Bustier tank only 14.99? nice. I have this in like a million different colors. It's one of my fav tanks.

Ladyfairy closet said...

Amazing purchases, dear! With love, Ladyfairy

SILVIA said...

great blog honey!! I love your style

The Indie Fox said...

Cooool stuff!

xo Sarah, at The Indie Fox

Sharina said...

Awesome stuff!!! ♥

new follower here!

The Misty Mom

Fernanda said...

Wow, that bustier dress looks amazing! I love that black blazer as well! xx

Mimi said...

the dresses are so pretty! :D

<3, Mimi
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suki pooki said...

You got some nice buys! I didn't go this year because I've basically give up on these Aritzia warehouse sales, if I want to buy something on sale I just go during those few days where they email you that "vip" thing. I find clothes too ridiculously overpriced in Artizia but I still love to go and browse LOL even though I say this I still shop from them =P