jane and the body shop blush review

i switched back the the old layout ~ it was just getting too cluttered for my taste.
i had my first midterm today ... i think it went ok, 5 more to go!
i should be studying ... but i'm not, teehee ;)

Jane Be Pure Mineral Blush in 03 Rose Silk
I really like this blush so far and I bought it about a month ago. Its a medium beige-ish pink color that looks very natural. I was really surprised while looking at drugstore blushes, they all had such strong brown undertones, but I guess that's so that it looks natural? I'm not sure because Make Up Forever, Shiseido and a lot of asian cosmetic brands make blushes that don't have brown undertones. But, this  is a really pretty light pink blush that isn't too bright, give it one pat with a big brush and it goes on sheer or you can easily build up colour. It has a very small hint of shimmer but it isn't noticeable once you apply it. I'd prefer it if it didn't have the quilted design because then the brush picks up an uneven amount and you have to spend more time blending.

i only found this out a week ago but there's a bottom compartment with a brush and mirror! the brush sucks, its has really thick bristles and its too small anyways but the mirror could be helpful. Overall, this is a thumbs up

The Body Shop Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush in 01 Vibrant Rose
first off, the shade is true to its name, this is a bright pink colour with shimmer, no brown undertones, that is very pigmented. the sponge is really soft and i would like this but its very hard to make this blush look natural. you have to try to dot a very small amount on your cheeks or dab a bit on your finger and spread it on your cheeks. i've tried blending it with a brush but it didn't budge and trying to blend it wiht my fingers still couldn't spread it around enough. when i do use this now i apply it under foundation to tone it down and help spread it out.

The body shop one is better for the look in the left (a pop of color) and the Jane blush is better for the look in the right.
hope that helps!

and now back to midterms T___________T



yeap! no. 3 is the light pink shade.
i just came across your blog through the comment you left on mine and i'm glad you did! i love your blog! ( :

and for the body shop sponge blush did you try sponging it on to your cheeks and then applying a powder foundation or setting powder over it? it might make it more wearable/translucent. ( :

gingerSnaps said...

I'm sure you've got a high score.
cute! luv pink hues..

Jessica Dee said...

Great review, that blush is gorge!!

ChocoDisco said...

both colors and packagings look lovely =P
i might give body shop blushes a try some day!

good luck on ur midterms hon!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

You take such incredible pictures! :)