aerie kiss water gloss

This gloss isn't very shiny but it has a lot of shimmer and it goes on pretty thin. Personally I don't like wearing thick glosses because they feel so heavy that it bothers me. Its slightly more pigmented than than most glosses but still goes on fairly sheer. The colour doesn't really show, both colours actually make my lips look more or less the same, but there is definitely a lot of shimmer. The shimmer is more apparent in the purple shade because the gold it contrasts with the colour of the gloss more.

"coral" is slightly pinker in real life

this shade is less redish and less vibrant in real life

The scents that they have are very sweet, like candy lollipops.  They both smell very similar to me because the sweetness covers up any hints of different "flavors" but the scent fades very quickly so that may be also why I can't tell the difference.  What I have noticed is that they taste sweet too! Most of the glosses I've tried smell good but don't taste like anything or are slightly bitter, which is something I've noticed at lunch while wearing them.

I buy lip glosses based on their packaging, I don't really like wearing them I just like getting them because their pretty. Also in Vancouver there's so much wind here that wearing lip gloss out would have a whole head of hair stuck on your lips in half a minute. I think this is another product that's alight but not fantastic, I don't want to buy it again but I don't regret purchasing it either. 


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I love dual ended glosses! You get 2 colors for whatever your moods are :) I hate when my hair gets in it because of the wind too, but Canada is probably a lot more windier. Try lip stains :)

Dylana Suarez said...

Love this color!


tiffyama said...

Ah, you're from Vancouver? I visited there last year. Very cool.

Haha, I tend to buy products because of their packaging too~ hopefully you'll get more uses out of this one though. ^^

wintergurl said...

love the colour sexy and elegant

Pammy said...

Cpral looks really pretty! :P

Pramudita Puspita said...

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Pramudita Puspita said...

hi..mind to check each other? let's be friend! mind to follow me? i'll follow u back then =)
nice blog btw

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Melody of Beauty said...

haha i buy lip glosses for their packaging too :D


cryskay said...

the coral one is so pretty! i'm a total sucker for packaging as well.

Little Photo Girl said...


I'm not much of a "lip gloss" person...though my sister LOVES it! She buys for the package, color, texture - the lady buys and exmaine's like a outfit, smh ha.

Flaunt It said...

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Anonymous said...

Like this colours.

ANNA said...

love the colorss ^^

Ke said...

i used to LOVE these aerie water glosses like a year ago hahaha, they're fabulous. i was also obsessed with their lip stains from AE. love your blog, hope you'll check out my makeup blog too <3


Cindii said...

Nice I like the colors!

Jessica-Marie said...

I love your blog :) Also, the color of the lipgloss is beautiful ! Does is moisturize dry lips?

P.S. Check out my blog if you have time :)