After seeing annie's ( post about thrift store shopping and seeing that she got an incredible looking blazer from a thrift store I have been itching to go to one. I didn't get to do any vintage shopping while I was in New York! There just wasn't any time.  Today I discovered that thrift stores in Vancouver aren't too bad…in fact I really like vintage/thrift shopping now!
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The last time I went to a thrift store was back in elementary school where the teachers took us there as a "field trip" to find costumes for our "Music Through the Ages" musical. These two necklaces were the only things I bought that day, I think my total was around $6? We were too busy being a ruckus for the teachers but a friend of mine did get some cool stuff. 

vv4vv3Today, less than $8 bought me a hoodie  that would have cost me over $85  last year at Aritzia. I really wanted this sweater last year and I got it today for about 90%off! Other than some pilling it seems to be in great condition. I haven’t found any stains yet.

  black-boyfriend-blazer-黑色西裝外套-1What I’ve Learned About Thrift Stores
  1. It isn’t that hard to find things. Everything is organized into categories, then into size and it looked like the shirts were organized by color too. Basically there are a few sections that would suit you so you don’t have to search the whole store but its a good idea to poke around the other areas too. Clothes could have shrunk or stretched or a designer might have had a different idea of what “size small” or “size large” was.  Basically its just the same as Winners or Marshalls, only the things have been worn and they’re cheaper. (btw – The changing rooms similar too!)
  2. Not everything is old. Today I bought an Aritzia Parklife 2010 Vancouver Olympics Whistler Hoodie (shown in photos). They do have a lot of stuff that looks like its been there since the 60s but there’s recently made items too. You might even find something with the tags still on it, you never know!
  3. Yes they do have expensive brands. Just about everything is branded, a lot of them in the Old Navy - American Eagle price range but there’s also True Religion, Topshop and Diesel, you just have to hunt for it. 
  4. Yes most of the clothes have a worn feel to it. The fibres in the fabric aren't as in tact as new ones are and some of the clothes have stains/pilling. Most of the clothes I saw though were in good condition.
On the right is Annie in the blazer that she bought from a thrift store. Amazing right?

Best thing is… Designer jean hunting!

Your not supposed to take pictures in the store, I snapped these before the manager came to give me a chat (embarrassing but worth it to get some photos) but I’m practically advertizing them so I think they’ll forgive me. Today I spotted William Rast and Diesel, the Diesel jeans looked pretty new and they had a gorgeous wash but they weren’t my size. The William Rast jeans were a bit faded and also too big for me. If you want them they might still be there... This was the Victoria drive Value Village location in Vancouver.


herroyalbleakness said...

These are amazing finds, sweetie! And thanks for sharing your thoughts on thrift shopping ( btw, i love that photo of yours! luv the chiffon-looking dress+blazer).

Florence said...

Heya love your outfit...
Followed your blog! Asian pride XD

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Rachella said...

Thanks about sharing your opinion about thriftshopping. It's such a great thing when you find awesome pieces for low prices x

Esther said...

So many shoes ;O
Wish I had (aa')

Love your blog!

Patti G said...

amazing finds... here in mexico we can find clothes that come from USA stores like good will at some flea markets and the quality is awesome!!! i can`t wait to go myself to this kind of stores and find some treasures!

ChocoDisco said...

I'm so glad you decided to try thrift store shopping after seeing my post hon!
I see that you visited Value Village, don't forget to check out Salvation Army as well if you're into vintage bags =)
it's really too bad that you didn't get to do any vintage/thrift store shopping in New York, they have the best stuff!

Anonymous said...

great outfit darling!

ps. quiero invitarte a mi primer giveaway!


Anonymous said...

great outfit darling!

ps. quiero invitarte a mi primer giveaway!


Strawberry Freckleface said...

HUGE thrifting fan right here :-)

I have a Free People give-away on my blog that ends tonight if you haven't already entered!
strawberry freckleface

Gorgeous Clara said...

thanks a lot!

the thing about thrift stores is that you have to spend a lot of time looking for things, but once you find something, it's great!

uhooi said...

nice your outfit!

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Style Incognito said...

love that nude coloured dress!!


shwinlewin said...

I too was recently introduced to thrift store shopping and if you're ever in NY again you should head to BK (Brooklyn) they have the best :)

maduixetes surprise said...

lovely blog!

cryskay said...

i love thrifting! its so much fun and i actually like a lot of my thrift finds better than regular buys. xx

suki pooki said...

Thanks for the tips on vintage shopping! My friend recently said she'd take me on a vintage shopping trip and Im super excited for that!!!! Looks like there are tons of great stuff if you're patient and do some searching =)

Oh and yes I agree, I love how the SA's in Sephora leave me alone but recently I ran into a not so friendly one when I asked for a sample =S

Florence said...

Super agree! Love your blog.
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.
I followed you !

Mirthe said...

I wish we had thriftstores like that in the Netherlands. But everyone here just seems to give their clothes to charity no matter how new/pretty/expensive they were.

AskHeatherG said...

OMG, I love thrifting! You can always find the cutest stuff in second hand stores! I guess it is what they say, "one man's trash is another man's treasure!