l’oreal voluminous mascara

Overall Rating: 9/10

This is a very hyped mascara that’s been around for quite a while now and known to be a lot of people’s HG mascara and I can see why. It’s inexpensive, its accessible and it has classy packaging. It adds volume and length better than most mascaras I’ve tried but it’s not as thickening as I’ve heard it to be. When I first used this I was pretty disappointed and I thought I might have bought a defective one because it seemed already quite dry. (However it didn’t flake so I think that I got a normal one.) The best mascara I’ve ever tried for fat lashes is Lancome Fatale, it did clump but it got me really thick lashes.  This mascara reminds me a lot of Prestige’s My Blackest Lashes (reviewed here), My Blackest Lashes was wetter but got the same volume as Voluminous gives me and neither holds a curl (I have medium length, straight, stubborn black lashes). This one does curl my lashes slight when I apply  it but it doesn’t last.  Also a problem I’ve been having with most non-waterproof mascaras in general is that it tends to smudge onto the outer corners of my under eye. When I yawn my eyes water and some of that water accumulates into the ends of my eye, touches the lashes and viola, a black streak. This one seems to smudge more severely, maybe just because the formula’s thicker but next time I’m getting the waterproof version. Even so, I still think this mascara is perfect for volumizing the lashes without clumping for an everyday look.


Angie said...

ooh i'm glad it works great! i've been wondering about this one too. you're lucky to have at least medium length lashes .. mine are so short they're insignificant xD

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CAMILLA said...

i want to try that mascara too,.
maybe next week i will give it a try, thanks for reviewing.

Sarita said...

thanks for reviewing! that mascara seems so instresting that i think i'm gonna try it next time when i need mascara (which means quite soon!):)

mccandie said...

o, mascara. I need to buy. :)

ニーナ ☆彡 (Nina) said...

love love love
this happens to be one of my favorite mascaras :)

Yumiko said...

hrm. i'm glad you like it. i didn't like the carbon black eye liner by loreal...

Chahana said...

thanks for reviewing this, i will definitely try to get my hands on it and try it out for myself
great blog btw =)

Aina said...

I bought this one recently, but trust me, I like the one with the curved brush SO much better. It really kept my lashes curled for so long! http://www.lorealparis.ca/cosmetics/eyes/volumuninous-mascara-custom-curved-brush/black-brown.aspx

I suggest you try this one, if you havent yet!

Keep up the great work!


Pari Coleini said...

beautiful blog :)
I'd be happy if you check out my blog and follow if you like. xx


Dylana Suarez said...


Lovely blog!



Jessica-Marie said...

Nice mascara :) Great review!

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Daria said...

thanks for the review, I should try it!


lasophia said...

Hmm Ill have to look into this one. Why are the most inexpensive mascaras the best? Its true, I never liked my MAC or Benefit one.