Breakfast at Lola's

Lola (Belltown Seattle, WA)
Seattle, WA 98121
2000 4th Avenue

As an incredibly chic restaurant with great food, Lola's was one of the highlights of my last weekend's retreat to Seattle and Portland. Lola's was packed when we arrived and proved to be a popular selection for breakfast/brunch. We had a 30 minute wait for a table (for four) but they have a very comfortable waiting area and their close proximity to the core of Downtown Seattle allowed that time window to be pleasantly filled with early window shopping.
Lola breakfast 
two eggs, choice of pork-maple sausage or smoked bacon (he got both), smashed garlic fried potatoes, toast
The bacon was thick cut and delicious.


sugar snap peas, minted goat cheese, smashed garlic fried potatoes, bacon, toast 

Eggs benedict 
bavarian meats ham, dill hollandaise, smashed garlic fried potatoes

Tom’s big breakfast
mediterranean octopus, sugar snap peas, spring onion, potatoes, bacon, green garlic yogurt, poached egg, toast

I never would have ever imagined enjoying having octopus for breakfast but this was absolutely perfect.

Although moderately pricey, especially for breakfast, Lola's was really a great experience with its classy atmosphere, hum of conversations and creative breakfast selections. Definitely recommended!

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Tessa Tham said...

Thanks girl!! Nice tone to your pics :) and LOVE lola's! Amazing place for brunch. Looking forward to see more!

Greg said...

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