the season after christmas

You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, even months
analyzing a situation trying to put the pieces together,
justifyin' what could've, should've, or would've happened.
Or you can just leave the pieces on the floor
and move the fuck on.
- 2pac
the end of the year is the time for reflection, when there's not much forward, you look back, and i have seen that 2009 is hands down the dumbest year of my life because nothing happened. infact everything went back to the way it used to be. 2008 was intresting, great times with elemetary school friends (miss you), saaad graduation, my first heartbreak, first crazy houseparty, meeting lots of new people, failed math two terms in a row (SHHH), no relationship with my parents, etc. but i don't have much to say about 2009, i didn't live, i was just there for it, an object in the passing and that is why i'm blogging again, to live (make sense?). to get some life into me by going back to the person i was in 2008, with quotes, graphics, and reflection, and continue to progress.

this blog will rolve around me, and not so much of a gossip site but we'll see how this goes.

sooooo, today i went shopping in Richmond with my mama, pictures, which have been photoshopped by yours truly, follow

landsdownee, the decorations are so cute!

shop we passed, notice the "semi-precious"?

there was a merry-go round! i always wanted to go on these when i was < 7
this is my favourite image colouring ^_____^

the polar bears! my mom really loved these!

they are so talented 8)

radical blur image effect!

love love love love love <3

before shopping we had to take care of business, visited the dentist for teeth cleaning. ickk i hate the feeling in your mouth afterwards! anyways this was in entertainment magazine and i thought it was pretty, ahem, intresting.

she's 32, he's 46, now you know

haha i was reading x-socialitescandals and remembering what an internet bitch i was, its hard to image i've become so boring...

new year, new shit.

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