vancouver 2010!

I have to do an Olympic update! I'm so happy for all the athletes, they've worked so hard to be here and are living their dream. They've finished the road to get here and are now at their destination. You can see it on their faces when they win, they've accomplished their goal and are the best in the world at what they do. Congratulations to all of them, welcome to Vancouver and I hope they enjoy the city!
Things to do in Vancouver
1) Places to go.
- Richmond harbor! I wish I had a picture but it’s so beautiful on sunny day. They have the best ice cream, there’s a beach right beside it and it really has the most Canadian culture there. (If you haven’t noticed, Vancouver is very Asian because of the large Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian population here.) It’s incredibly relaxing and has a summer essence all year long. There are also many interesting tourist shops to check out!
- Yaletown. I’ve never been there, but I heard it’s great, you’ll have to let me know
- Gastown, also filled with traditional Canadian culture, it’s a place you must see if your in Vancouver. Take a look at the all the art shops for something truly unique.
2) Places to eat- I recommend going to for restaurant reviews, they’re covered most places and have great pictures.
3) Places to shop- Metropolis at Metrotown: it’s the second biggest mall in Canada and there are numerous shopping centers and malls surrounding it. The interior design is very attractive and there are various shops selling an assortment of merchandise. Sephora, Coach, Armani Exchange, BCBG, Lululemon Atheletia, and Aritzia are a few of the high end retailers but there is a huge variety of shops and all at different price ranges.

inside the mall

the metrotown business towers
- Oakridge Center: For those with more money to spend Oakridge houses more luxury retail goods. You’ll find Hugo Boss Orange, apple store, BCBG and many other stores.
- Robson street: The highlight of downtown, robson street contains a mixture of tourist shops, chain clothing stores, and famous labels like Louis Vuitton and Juicy Couture. Nord Storm is also not far away.

- Landsdowne Center, Aberdeen, and Richmond center: the three primary malls of Richmond, all accessible through the new skytrain line called “the Canada Line”, have stores selling items in all price ranges and mostly Asian styled. Their mall kiosks have the coolest items though, at not reasonable prices too.

picture i took back in December at aberdeen

sooo cute!

on a different note, exams and my big projects are over! i finally have some time to relax and catch up.

RIP Alexander Mcqueen, i'm so shocked to hear he committed suicide, his mother died a few days before him. i hope that's found peace now, your surely missed, you and your contributions to fashion will never be forgotten!

death is not the end of things, people can live on through others, through this.
Tracey York

don't be one of the assholes in the story, what we present on the outside is different but all our emotions are the same, never cause anyone pain you wouldn't want to feel yourself.

Happy Valentines day!
*pictures without my label are from flickr and xanga~

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