foods that are less healthy than you may think

granola bars

although made out of oats and nuts, most store bought granola bars don't contain enough nutritional value to make up for their amount of calories, fat and sugar. with usually 120 calories a bar and 2 bars a pack a snack of granola bars is roughly 240 calories! that's as much as a chocolate bar! compare the nutrition value charts and you wont find much of a difference, not much more fiber, vitamins or minerals. however if your usual snack is a chocolate bar, these are still a step up. always check the label!

dried fruit

raisin do contain some iron and bits of other nutrition but most of what made it healthy when it was a fruit is long gone by the time the factories and through with them. after, its mainly sugar and mainly useless nutrition wise. that's why dried grapes are called raisins, they ain't grapes no more =(

peanut butter

I have no idea why pb&j sandwiches are thought to make up a healthy lunch. smooth between white bread and you have a fairly nutrition-less lunch. your average supermarket peanut butter has 100 calories a tablespoon with 8 grams of fat and 2-3 grams of protein, what's more is that lower-fat peanut butters usually have icing sugar in them, to make them taste better. the little protein that is in it does not outweigh the bad qualities in it.

jam is just sugar and preservatives with a fruit flavor. check the label and you wont find any nutrition. (2% iron does not make up for the 17 grams of sugar!)

fruit juice

fruit juice would be fairly healthy if there wasn't so much sugar in it, there's more sugar in one of those lunch-pack-size juice boxes then in a chocolate candy bar. there's also a high level of preservatives to keep the juice from going bad, after all, how long would an real orange last in your home? oh and even fruit juices labeled "no sugar added" or "100% juice" have added sugar in the form of fructose.

diet pop

ever wonder how they make it so sweet without any sugar content? back in 7th grade, my teacher decided to do a little experiment, put a old penny inside a cup of diet coke and see what happened to it a couple days later. guess what? that rusty penny came out sparkling clean and bright. diet pop is even worse then regular pop, it bloats you up and messes with your blood sugar levels causing you to crave sugar more. it will not help you lose weight!

white bread and enriched white bread

all the nutrition in the grains are destroyed in the refining process that it takes to make the bread white, companies then "enrich it" by adding vitamins and such in the form of chemicals but your body can't process these chemicals very well making white bread just a pack of bad carbs.

i've been trying to focus on school lately. the past few years i've been sidetracking but i'm finally getting my priorities straight. i'm not sure if becoming a director is what i really want all i know for certain is i want a job that pays a lot :) maybe a lawyer ($80-$500 an hour!!), which has been a highly recommenced career path for me(must be my combo of bossy + stubborn + persistentness) being a good girl makes me feel safe, i don't want to worry anymore i don't want to hope or think or rely on luck, i want know, i want to make my own luck and i want my future to be made of my decisions. hope everyone's having a great week! one month to go 'til summer vacation (:

If we would see the color of our future,
we must look for it in our present;
if we would gaze on the star of our destiny,
we must look for it in our hearts.
Canon Farrar

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