spring 2012 trends

spring 2012 trends

Chiffon Blouses. I'm loving this sheer blouse trend, a great way to stay cool without showing too much skin and the flowy fabric is so beautiful and will work so well with the all the wind we get in Vancouver.

Chiffon Tail Skirts. I can 't be happier that there's a non-miniskirt trend happening. Love this style but personally I don't have an occasion for it. Too dressy to be casual but not proper enough to be formal. Pretty much for the trendy girls on lookbook.nu  

 Pastel Jeans. Slim girls girls can really pull these off. Still hoping most ladies stick to dark wash denim. 

 Chunky heels. Jeffery Campbell style shoes have been in for a while now but their especially big this season because they go so well with the other trends.

Celine handbags. The latest "it" bag that retails for around $2000 each. Bags with wings are now in. I still think the Balenciaga City bag has the best design but this one is more sophisticated.

Spring 2012 Style inspo


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Mrs. Lee said...

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Rinny said...

I love all the loose, lightweight blouses that are in trend this season too. I've been buying a bunch of them lately in all different colors :P

αвву M. said...

summer <3

Svea said...

i LOVE blogpost like this! there is so much inspiration <3


A serious fashion addict said...

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Laura said...

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Geo said...

I am loving the sheer blouse trend as well although along with it has come a suuurge of ick polyester numbers in even ickier colours and usually with the ickiest of undergarments showing through.

ahha probably the most negative comment I have ever left. Venting - over.

Geo @ thepeachstate.blogspot.com

Siri Elaine said...

Great post! I am in love with that outfit! I am so excited for summer fashion!

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