new layout!

Change is the essence of life.
Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become

i love the old layout to death but i really prefer something simpler and this layout allows me to post larger pictures =D. comments are enabled now and there are older posts/newer posts links on the bottom which the last layout sadly didn't include.  this layout isn't my design, i actually just jocked it from another site, (created under "sites i follow") hope she forgives me, because i really like it!  this week was the first real week of summer for me, last week i finished exams and took care of other business (like shopping for "necessities", i found some really good sales!).

some of the beauty purchases  (it was mostly clothes)

 bath and body works: ps. I love you body lotion and they gave a coupon with it! (although it expires really quickly, there's about a week left for me to use it)

clean and clear in shower facial 1 minute face mask. i've tried it once so far and i used the night moisturizer from their same line last year, it was ok. i love the packaging.

on another note..
the temperatures have jumped this week and the skies have cleared! just last week it was gloomy and relatively cool outside but this week the heat is almost suffocating. 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) probably sounds like heaven to the rest of you but we went from 11 degrees to 25+ in just a few days.  

its gorgeous outside!  the sky is the brightest of blue and it smells like sunscreen everywhere. 
i've also taken to catch up on my reading, i've re-woken my love for harry potter and learning about Madonna since she's been a huge influence on all the top female superstar pop singers (Britney, Gaga, Christina, etc.).

the future comes closer with every second and i'm still that girl with the most impossible dream. i don't want my life to be ordinary, i can't stand being one of many. reading harry potter actually inspired me to be more like Hermione and take my grade seriously because even though they mean little to me and i don't find them an accurate evaluation of intelligence, others do. the government's education system today is based on a coordination of tests, it doesn't care about understanding or knowledge, it runs on memorization. math, what should be logic, is based on the memorization of a series of formulas, you don't have to understand it, you only need to identify which to use and follow it. Technically, it's not learning but it does make it easier for the teacher and for the student and its just something i need to prove that i can do. i'm typically an honor role student but i want to be one of the few that take their GPA up by another 10%.    

now's my time to relax and get the laziness out of my system =)


Angie said...

hehe thanks :D aaa i like making weird faces xD yaa if you have kmart, big lots, or target near you, they might carry elf :)

ANNIE said...

i love your photos! isn't Vancouver just awesome in the summer? =)