belated daiso haul + loves

i promised my daiso haul a while ago and i kinda forgot about it for a bit *hangs head in shame* but now i can also give reviews on the products and i added some stuff i bought earlier ;D daiso is the biggest 100 yen (japan's version of $1) store franchise in japan, their location in Aberdeen was their first store North America back in 2003 and since then they've opened up a couple more. In the US their stuff is mainly $1.50 and in Canada its mostly $2. they have a lot of weird/cool/i-could-use-that products and cheap necessities, there's a big thread on their products on mallvibes (click here) and soompi (click here). Usually people say that their stuff's quality is really good for the price but sometimes I disagree (their notebooks and letter kits should be cheaper!). Everything's from japan/asia and they have a lot of asian products that you're not likely to find anywhere else in America. They also arn't able to restock that often so their good stuff goes fast, the first time i went i walked out wondering why everyone kept telling me to go there but the second time i felt like i found heaven.

winmax nail polish 3/5  [$2CAD] - very glittery - easy to peal off, but if you just apply a thin layer it's a pretty, sheer pink

charcoal cleansing cream 3/5 [$2CAD]  - ok at removing makeup, its a thick, grey, oily formula - contains petroleum (vaseline) - smells nice. I actually bought this by accident, I meant to get their peel off charcoal face mask which I've heard a lot about but i picked up this one by mistake, both packagings are really similar. the charcoal face mask is just about always sold out (grrr...).

water resistant hair turban/band  5/5 [$2CAD] - these sort of head bands are really popular in asia, you wear them when you wash your face to keep your hair from getting spashed with water, the fluffly fabric ones are more popular, i guess because their soft, but waterproof more hygienic, the fabric will absorb the water and bacteria thrive in damp places. this one was really comfortable, it wasn't too tight (and i have a big head) and it's really cute!

"rainbow" makeup bag 5/5 [ around $5CAD ? i forgot...] -  the quality of the bag is pretty good, the fabric is flexible, waterproof and there's a little pocket inside. i haven't had any problems with the zipper. i just bought it because it was cute and i haven't really been using it though (its too pretty to take it off the shelf, i'd probably ruin it real quick lol)

tupperware 5/5 [ $2CAD] - their containers are a really good buy. the sizes are good and they have lots of types (such as "special" ones like a tofu holder and a bread slice container). the photo below shows the three i have on the left. 

mini photo trimmer 4/5 [ $3CAD] its a decent photo trimmer, it can also cut paper but you need a container roughly the same height to keep the paper from bending. the storage underneath is useful.

weights (sand) 5/5 [ $2CAD] - you tie them around wrists or ankles, heavier ones can strain your elbows or knees if you wear them too much but these are around 1 pound so they should be fine. its a good deal for 2 bucks.

hand/foot massager 4/5 [ $5.50CAD] - feels really prickly on your feet, feels fine on hands, no creaking noises. its supposed to increase blood flow to your feet or hands and release tension through acupuncture-like poking. my mom loves this (go figure huh?)

hand/foot massager 4/5 [ $10.50CAD] - one of the more expensive products, much less prickly then one above, same purpose but bigger, makes creaky noises which reduces its relaxing ability (you could oil it but who wants to do that?)

nose roller 4/5 [ $2CAD] -
one of those strange items you find at daiso that makes you go hmmm... i got it cause i read about the nose clip on soompi (supposed to make your nose narrower and taller, most asians have "flat" noses and i am one of them)and thought why not. its alright i guess. i haven't been using it religiously, you need to use it with a clean face or the bacteria/oil will build up and in the morning before i put on makeup i really don't have any time and at night when i take off my makeup its late and i want to hit the sack so this has been only been used on the occasional weekend when i'm bored and lazy and want to seem as if i'm doing something. the "soft" side hurts at first and the "hard" side is smooth and is much more comfortable. i think my nose looks a little narrower after i use it (nostrils gone in a bit) but could just be wishful thinking. the cartridge in your nose can be shaped though.

animal erasers 3/5 [ $2CAD] - there are six of them in a pack, super adorable but they suck at erasing. its the stiff, bendy type that doesn't shed a lot of bits but its doesn't erase well.
round paint brushes 4.5/5 [ $2CAD] - good brushes for the price, the hairs don't fall out when you paint (but a little does fall out from time to time), overall they're good quality!

nail buffers/nail filers 4.5/5 [ $2CAD] - you get two in a pack (two buffers or two filers) and they have a sticker with the instructions. thumbs up for both. for the buffer however, i'd advise using the grey side (the polishing side) right before you go out, because unfortunately the shine washes out quick.

i also have their gold eyelash curler and some other stuff but i haven't taken pictures yet. their eyelash curlers are raved about (some say its better then the shu umera one?) but for me, it curves too much (the gold one) for my eyelid and can't get all my lashes. i still want to try their eyelid tape, mascara, eyeshadow, snacks, paint, false eyelashes, charcoal air freshener and charcoal face mask .i hope i haven't crashed anyone's computer will all my pictures, i'm trying to balance it out.

my birthday was on monday!  i went to see inception with some friends and had lunch at boston pizza afterwards (double cheeseburger pizza, it was good). we saw the movie at 12, i guess most people don't like to wake up before noon on sundays, it was like we had the whole theater to ourselves. inception was epic, Christopher Nolan is my favourite director and he has never made a movie that didn't amaze me. truth be told i was afraid he would disappoint me during the first half, it didn't start off as well as I expected it to be but it definitely picked up. everything about the movie was incredible, the plot, the story telling, the music (hans zimmer wrote the score, he did the lion king, gladiator, the dark knight, and he's won like a dozen oscars.), the acting (joseph gordon-levitt! can't go wrong), the cinematography, everything. there was plenty of twists and good lines. really, go see it, its brilliant.

“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today"
- James Dean


Angie said...

the nose roller looks cool! haha if i could find one i'd definitely try one :) i try to pinch my nose a lot to help it grow but i slept on my face a lot as a kid so .. even flatter face yay! hahaha ack. i can never hold up sunglasses or my normal glasses because i have no bridge xD

those erasers are sooo cute! awwww. oo i just read your bio on the sidebar and i was born in beijing as well! *high five*

♥ M i m i said...

OMFG daiso! i've only gone there like once when i was 12 so i didn't take good advantage of it. i REALLY want to go. my friend goes there religiously lol. srsly she busses down there every other weekend LOL. jks. well it's kinda true.

i wanna try the nose roller!!! i hate my nose ): i shouldn't say i hate my nose but i do... it's the only thing about my face i want to change. i srsly don't even care about my eye size. or ... mouth. just my nose! and tho i have breakouts sometimes it's manageable and cover-up-able. my nose.. isn't.

i wanna go to daiso now lol.

thanks for the reviews! i srsly read the whole thing.

inception rocked. i thought it started off a little slow too tho. but still, LOVED it.

i need that hairband thingy too. a lot of my headbands break easily. i have none right now so my hair always gets wet when i try to wash my face. gah.

♥ M i m i said...


thank you so much for following btw!

i LOVE your blog so keep posting! i will checkk back :D

Vivian said...

nice haul!
the nose roller thing looks amazing!

Jennifer said...

hi! thanks for stopping by my blog :)

so this Daiso store you went to was in Canada?
I also heard rave reviews about the charcoal peeling mask but was never able to get it LOL do let us know when you get your hands on it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, how funny, nose up rollers?! They have such hilarious stuff!

Silkybow said...

wow what a great haul! Seems like you bought a lot of stuff :D
Btw I loved loved loved INCEPTION!!! =D

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