danny robert's t-shirt line at f21

i posted this on my xanga blog (juicyluck) but i want to share it here too!

this wednesday on june 2nd artist and blogger Danny Roberts' debut line of t-shirts was stashed on the racks to be sold at forever 21. six exquisite designs that will never have you guessing that they were illustrated by "some blogger".    The t-shirt launch is not a lonely step forward, since the beginning of his blog igorandandre his work has been featured in teen vogue, elle, marie claire, vogue, a variety of overseas magazines, and graced the cover of the issue of the sunday times that discussed alexander mcqueen's tragic death and legandary contribution to the world of fashion. He has also caught the attention of also popular blogger perez hilton, as well as the new york times' fashion blog and various online magazines. 

5 of the six t-shirt designs are of other infamous blogger who he is also friends with, all are displayed below 

Carolina Engman of FashionSquad

Geri Hirsch of  Because I'm Addicted

Agathe Molvik  of Style Bytes

alice of  AlicePoint

louis ebel of Miss Pandora

and finishing with 2 somewhat random models

as the t-shirt launch is is an example of his accomplishments, he is an example of a blogger (in "vertual reality") that got to do things in "real" life just as michelle phan (who's become an lancome ambassador) and numerous others! 

oh and he also designed bags for harajuku lovers
incredible right?

the internet has recreated the art of communication, no longer do you need someone with connections or a company to get yourself "out there" you can craft those connections and build your own fan base with blogs,  vlogs and online social networking. equally exciting, trendsetting and dangerous.

and all it takes is your own pure talent. 

it lets you show what you can do, it lets you handle all aspects and puts you in control of your success. its the ultimate resource and ultimate advertiser. learn and create, endlessly.

I think one of the most amazing
things about the internet is that
people from all over the world can collaborate,
and inspire each other daily... so amazing!
- danny roberts

i want to encourage people to share their talents with the work using the internet. its easy(ier then it used to be)! i would have been a completely different person if it wasn't for the web, all that i've learned here and all the time that i've spend here (when i should have, ahem, been studying) has been far more significant then almost anything else in my life (friends are always #1!).

once again congratulations to danny roberts!

No one understands that you have been given everything.
You must give more.

- unknown

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