I've tried a whole bunch of pantene products and they've always made my hair really shiny, easy to flat iron, smooth but not flat and just overall very healthy but...
it makes my hair fall out! i first used a pantene shampoo when i was somewhere around 8 years old and my head was itchy all the time, a lot more hair fell out then usual when i combed it but at that time i though i had lice because our teachers always talked to us about it. but my parents checked and did the conditioner test and i didn't have lice. every time i start to use their shampoos after a week the same thing happens, hair looks good but my scalp itches like crazy and loads of hair falls out. once i switch shampoos, it stops. this didn't happen with their conditioners though (i'm guessing because i don't apply it on my scalp).

i used: 

the moisture renewal conditioner

after looking it up, there's a lot of talk about pantene causing hair to fall out and the reason being is that their shampoo's formula's main ingredient, besides water, is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).  Most shampoos contain SLS because it acts as a de-greaser and  binds to the dirt on your hair and scalp and takes it away when you rinse your hair with water. However it's harsh and its used in detergents for cleaning floors and car engines. When you rinse your hair it's impossible to wash it all out and it begins to buildup on your scalp which can cause hair-loss and irritation.  The more hair you have, the less buildup there will be on your scalp which is why men usually lose more hair then women. 

right now i'm using herbal essence, which also has SLS (if a shampoo doesn't have sulfates, it'll brag about it!) but it must be more diluted because i'm going bald. A lot of my friends use pantene and don't have any problems with it, i may have a more sensitive scalp or i might not be rinsing thoroughly enough but i've stopped using pantene shampoos and i've been generally avoiding their products recently. a lot of sulfate-free hair products are now in drugstores (organix, l'oreal everpure, etc) and i want to try them out!  

haha i'm a product junkie , i just love trying new stuff and it takes a lot for me to continue to repurchase a product, if its just ok i wont got back to it unless i have to.


Jessica said...

Good review, this may sound weird but I use Irish Spring and Axe. I know... they're men products and body wash not shampoo, but they work just as well and in my opinion, leaves a longer scent! Especially the Irish Spring, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try because they're cheap and constantly on sale at Superstore.

Coco said...

Wow, thank's for sharing. I have been happily using pantene for a while now and a lot of my hair falls out. I always just figured it was because I brush my hair in the shower only (it's extremely curly and will break hairbrushes if I don't have conditioner at hand) I was planning to try organics for my next shampoo test, but now you have me convinced ^^

Angie said...

aww thank you :D :D hehe it's okay sometimes blogger does really weird things without telling you. thanks for subbing again <3

SLS dries out my face so badly! it's good to go organic :) my hair is very dry to begin with as well. thanks for sharing!

hkcandy said...

love your blog:) !!