summer night market

i was really disappointed with this year's night market ):  previously known as the Richmond night market the name was changed this year because the organizers were changed. last year people hosting the night market got in trouble for allowing people to sell counterfeit items so they got dropped and now a new company hosts it. basically people rent a booth and sell stuff. this year it was mainly... cellphone accessories and socks =_=.  no i'm not kidding. there used to be lots of clothing and stationary booths! i wanted to buy some cute pencils/pens/erasers/notebooks but there was only one booth that had them and it was crowded by little kiddies (lol i want the same stuff as a 5 year old ;D).  

the food sections were definitely the most crowded. i heard that most people just go for the food but i don't think its that good... its mainly fried asian foods that you could also get at the food courts in richmond malls (the price is similar too)

deep fried junk food =_=. as if it wasn't unhealthy enough... pretty popular too ):

my food! can't remember what it was called "lui ma" or something like it, but its basically meatballs on sticks ($4.50). it was good! haha i'm failing at this being vegan thing.

on the side there was a long tent where there was an organization that showed different snakes and reptiles with glass boxes beside them for donations. also was a main attraction.

awesome, yo.

both there and back i spent most of the time thinking about arthurXeames (inception), lol it put a smile on my face ;)

tom hardy is so hot! can't wait to see more of his movies (:

joseph gordon levitt is still my no. 1 for sure!

*droll* I LOVE YOU <3


Angie said...

awww even though it may not have been what you expected, it's still so exciting! haha i haven't gone out for some night life in so long. i want to go to taipei for some serious nightmarketing someday :D

Dolce♥Bunny said...

sorry to hear that it wasn't really exciting! but from the pictures, it looks really fabulous! What you ate looks really really yummy :P

kayla marie said...

love your pic.'s
visit my blog and let me know what you think, follow if you like :)

M.A.C.nunu said...

I feel like the night market has been on a steady decline. I was also remarking to the bf that all they sell are small electronics, accessories, and is up with the socks??!! there were like 4 stores selling socks! all the same kinds too!
The food section is so bloody expensive and so crowded that we gave up after being stuck at the same spot for 10mins.
Re the Daiso nose pack, I have no idea if it's a new product, I was there about 2 weeks ago and grabbed it out of curiosity (the old "it's only $2, what have I got to lose" excuse. There was only 3 tubes left on the shelf, so it might've been out for a while.

Jin said...

oooh~ do the deep fried junk food taste good at least? XD

ahaha i dont know any girl who hasnt fallen for joseph gordon levitt <3

Jin said...

ahaha thanks XD
i had the chance to try a deep fried snickers but i was already getting lemonade and a 1 foot corndog at a fair and it was 11 bucks >< i regret not trying though!

ahahaha!!! oh man. i bet he has no idea the effect he has on women

Paula said...

I love your blog!

Have a nice time!