i got glasses!

“To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.”

eee these make me so happy! i got my first pair of glasses and they're dolce and gabbana! my eye sight's been deteriorating for a while now, i've been spending too much time in-front of a monitor and i've become slighted near-sighted. the doctor that did my eye exam was kind of cute (:

before test
doctor: do you have good eyesight?
me: yeah

after test
doctor: your eyesight is terrible! you were trying to lie to me! tsk tsk tsk.

PSH. my prescription was 150 and 100! that's not terrible! i only need glasses to see writing that's far away! i wasn't planning to get really good glasses, i'd only wear them sometimes but shopping for them is really hard! in the first shop, everything looked terrible on me, second shop, was eh, and finally in the third shop i though this pair looked alright so i bought them. i really wasn't planning on getting designer frames but this was the only pair that looked decent. i felt like i was harry potter shopping for a wand.
getting a flattering pair of glasses has a lot to do with your face shape.

round - square frames will define the angles in your face and make it look less round and narrow frames will help make your face appear longer.
heart shaped - rectangular glasses with curved edges are great for balancing your face shape.
long - glasses with a strong upper bar frame will give you an illusion of a wider face. round, oval or square frames will all work with you.
oval - all glasses look good on oval face shapes! just make sure your frames arn't too strong or they can overwhelm your other features.
square - wider, oval or any curved frames are the best suited for your shape.

now i pull the sexy librarian look ;D with spectacles you can dress a bit more fierce to balance the conventionalism given off by the glasses.


Diya said...

those are some sexy new glasses! i probably need glasses myself but I've been living in denial about my sucky eyesight...

according to that chart my face shape would require rectangular framed glasses...I've always found cateye sunglasses to be flattering on me though.


Angie said...

aww these are cute! they remind me of my brother's old glasses before he became too cool for glasses xD i have square-ish frames but i think i still look silly wearing any kinds of glasses. i've worn them since i was in 1st grade D:

itrymakeup said...

Thanks for following my blog! :)
those glasses are so nice! I really need to get new frames..