fall 2011 wishlist


Its been over a month since I last updated, I’m sorry! Balancing school, work, and volunteering with hobbies on the side is still something I’m working out. What I have worked out is what I want this season, and it starts with…
1. Cherry blossom pink Chiffon Ruffle dress – I dislike shiny dresses. My friends are looking at prom dresses and they’re all shiny! 
2. Nude ruffle dress in a heavier fabric – casual looking enough to be worn under a leather jacket
3. Faux leather motorcycle jacket in a cream colour – easy style and warmth on the go
4. Black faux leather pants
5. Suede Ankle Booties
6. Infinity Scarf – good excuse to wear my hair in a ponytail or bun
7. Thick knit gloves with design

Winter in Vancouver is pretty much fall in Vancouver without leaves and 5-10 degrees Celsius colder.  We get a lot of rain so waterproof is essential.

1. More chunky knit sweaters – The one pictured above is from old navy. Can you believe that? I think its so cute! 
2. Waterproof Trench Coat – my parkas are too thick to wear with thick sweaters
3. Jeans – preferably skinny so they fit well into boots
4. Over the Knee faux leather boots – buy stylish, flat heeled, tall, faux leather boots and use them as rain boots!
5. Suitcase style handbag – not sure what these are called but they’d be perfect. Classy, sophisticated and waterproof.
6. New Wallet
7. more Jewellery to play up boring sweaters

Must – Chunky Knit sweaters, Cowl neck sweater, Batwing sweater, Striped sweater and a Cowichan print!


αвву M. said...

They Look so comfy!!!


Couldn't agree more - love it all!!

Something About Kerri said...

your posts are so beautiful to look at. i love the sweaters you picked esp the white snowflake one =)

Usagi-Chan said...

Yes yes, excellent list! You can never have too many warm cozy sweathers and cardigans! :)

Anonymous said...

I can be SUCH a sucker for the pink-girly-esque things, so Im pretty much fawing over your first compilation of clothing stuffs! Isnt that pink jacket just all sorts of gorgeous!? =)


ARES said...

I love nude colors and black haha call me old fashion but its just easier to match pieces to create an outfit.

Melmo said...

oh wow the knitwear is amazing. and i love the jacket.

And said...

"I like it!" ;) I'd love to have this h&m dress -.- :( I haven't seen that in Poland... :(
kisses, Andrea :) :*

One blogger said...

I loved it here! <3
I'm still in the Beginning, is to follow it?

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I love your wishlist,
everything looks perfect for the changing seasons :D


http://colorpiruleta.blogspot.com said...

Que jerseys más chulos quiero una ya.
Bss, aquí también te sigo.

alliesan said...

Pretttty :)

Stephanie Ricci said...

Love the jacket in the first look! I want it so bad! haha
follow me back :) http://stylemericci.blogspot.com/