munchies + haul

haul 3

McDonald’s Big Mac – its ok to be bad once in a while… 

haul 4 haul 2

Propaganda Cardigan – Its a beautiful pastel lavender colour with beige tones. Plenty’s clothes are always simple but their styles and dyes are trendy yet still pretty.

haul 1

Forever 21 gold glitter cardigan, Guess wallet, Seductions tier tank

haul 5

Bath and Body Works new frangrance mists in Japanese Cherry Blossom and Twilight woods. I remember liking their old Twilight Woods scent but this one is quite sweet which is something I didn’t notice until I wore it out for a day. It’s nice but borders on  granny perfume. I’m loving Japanese Cherry Blossom though, its feminine but not sweet and refreshing in a sense. I didn’t think I’d like floral scents but this one is really nice!

haul 6

Talula bustier and Wilfred bustier from Aritzia  I love Talula bustiers, will be hunting for them in new prints.


Hazy Days. said...

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wintergurl said...

on diet but after saw ur burger ...felt hungry :)happy sunday

christian said...

love th epurple top!

Style en colores said...

mmmmm que apetito me acaba de entrar con esa hamburguesa! jejeje la ropa es toda muy bonita me gusta mucho el blog :)

Un beso wapa,Te sigo desde ya ^^

Si te gusta mi blog puedes seguirme en o si lo prefieres en bloglovin' Gracias!!

morgin said...

You actually managed to make a burger look as good as it does on the commercials! You're amazing haha :)

But nice haul. I don't like the Cherry Blossom fragrance, but it's been a long time since I've smelled it so things may have changed hehe


Elle said...

Love your haul!

Check out my blog:)

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Selen's style said...


Selen's style said...


Small Town Gal said...

New reader and follower of you. Great blog you have here!

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Mrs. Lee said...

Do not go though security at the airport in the F21 sparkly tops! I wore one and I was searched because the scanner detected metal on the boob-age area...lesson


mindy said...
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mindy said...

I love the bustier tops from Artizia they work with everything and anything! great haul!

scenique_route said...

Love your blog! And the Micky Ds XD