Treats at Icy Bar

A few days ago some friends and I stumbled along a cute little dessert spot in the Joyce area that turned out to have amazing shaved ice. Their portions are smaller than usual shaved ice desserts at Chinese restaurants and sell at the same price ($5.75 - $6.50 each dish) but they have a much larger selection and give a generous amount of fresh fruit. They give you condensed milk separately in squeeze bottles which allows you determine how sweet and creamy you want it to be. My complaint is that they don't chill their dishes before serving, although the restaurant was air conditioned, the ice melted pretty quickly. The ceramic dishes were room temperature when we received them and the ice would have lasted much longer if the dishes had sat in the freezer for a little while. Other than that, we tried the Mango Shaved Ice, Strawberry Shaved Ice and custom 4 toppings dish and enjoyed each one!

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Ashley said...

I've been going to the original Icy Bar shops at Crystal mall and Parker Place since forever, but I'm really glad they opened a freestanding shop that's open late! I'm obsessed with shaved ice :P