The Famous Warehouse

989 Granville Street, Vancouver BC, V6B2C9 

 Known for their $4.95 absolutely everything menu, The Warehouse is one of downtown Vancouver's most popular hubs and bars. Among its copycat restaurants such as "The Dime" that also offer complete $5 menus, the Warehouse has the most selection and best value. Depending on what you order, you can get a full sized meal for your $5 whereas the other ones I've tried offer mini portions and bank on the guarantee that you'll have to order multiple dishes. If you're a fan of burgers they have a good variety of red and white meat ones that come with big patties and nicely seasoned medium cut fries. Every burger I've tried here has been great but food quality can vary, understandable based on how much more traffic they get during their peak hours.

 wait time: 30-45min (peak) 
 music/dining volume: high 
 food: 4/5 
 specialty: burgers 

Last summer there was one visit where we waited 45 minutes for our food to be prepared. This summer we were given nachos and salsa as appetizers to occupy us but we were charged for them and we weren't asked if we wanted them or not. I've also noticed that this summer the staff is slightly below par, last summer everyone who worked here looked like they came out of a MTV Laguna Beach reality T.V. show but this summer many of the servers look like they're straight out of high school.

top --> bottom food reviews
Chaing Mai Bowl   2/5
Although described as served in spicy soy chili sauce, it tastes more like a heavy sour and spicy sauce that is much too heavy for the amount of noodles in this dish. The sauce even feels greasy and overpowers anything else going on.

Mama T's Crunchy Mac and Cheese 3/5
Your standard mac and cheese, lightly topped with cornflakes. Its served on a shallow plate and you're only given a modest amount.

The Works Burger 5/5
Although the one in the photo is slightly burnt and was dry, the usual burger is juicy with a thick patty and all around just well done. Hit and miss depending on the kitchen staff of the day.

Smokey BBQ Burger 5/5
My personal favorite because I like the spicy kick. It has a great tasting spicy sauce and what seems like the same patty as the Works burger.

Union Street Noodle Salad 4/5
Chow mein noodles under chicken, dressed greens, avocado and almonds. The noodles were quiet heavily salted but otherwise this was a great cold salad.

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Cintami Andoko said...

that Mama T's Crunchy Mac and Cheese looks delicious and i've never tried mac and cheese with cornflakes..
is it good ?

cocoabee said...

Hey Cintami! The mac and cheese was actually pretty standard, not much better than the usual home made kinds I've tried.

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