maybelline mineral power foundation

overall 9/10
for the last few weeks this has been on my face a lot! it applies really well, its nice and light but has great coverage and matches my skin tone. this is a product i'm really sorry to be saying goodbye too, i picked this up around January when London Drugs said it was being discontinued and had it on sale for $7 (reg. $14CAD). its such a shame! that was the first time i bought this and i wish i bought more. i really like this foundation, i have it in Light 0 which is the lightest shade. it's warm-toned and seems to have slight yellow undertones which makes it a great match for my asian skin.
i'd say it gives medium coverage, i know people say that rimmel's lasting finish foundation is full coverage but i think this has more coverage and definitely beats them in their shade selection. 

it's packaged in a squeeze bottle which is more a lot more precise than the tube bottles a lot of foundations are in but squeeze too hard and oops you've got too much product. really would prefer a nice pump bottle. that's my only complaint.

i've been using this as concealer too, it layers alright but it takes time to set so you have to wait for quite a bit before reapplying or you'll just move it all around. i've used it on my under-eyes to prep them for concealer and to conceal redness which this is amazing for because it blends so well and is so light. a lot of the foundations and concealers i've tried sort of "settle around" the little bumps around my t-zone and get really cakey when i try to hide blemishes underneath them but this hasn't done, it just covers smoothly. there's also has spf 18, which should be enough for cloudy winter months, and spf is always a plus.  

you do need to moisturize well before using this or mix some face lotion with it, i have a friend with slightly dry skin and when she used this it brought out her flakiness, because i have oily skin and it has a soft matte finish, this works well for me.


Oh to Be a Muse said...

i'm glad it is really working for you, but sorry it's discontinued.

thanks for stopping by my blog. i am following you now. follow me too!

love your layout, by the way.

cryskay said...

so sad that is discontinued! you have a great blog w/ great reviews! i'm your newest follower. xo

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Rainy Days and Lattes said...

The foundation looks really good! I really like their concealer from this line. I'm so sad to see it being discontinued :(

Gees, and you take wonderful pictures!!!!!!

Stephanie Daly said...

Maybelline foundations are so hit and miss - I just posted about this on my blog:

S x

TheEmmiFace said...

Wow I remember when this foundation first came out 4 years ago or so. I can't believe it's already being discontinued! Hopefully you can still buy some backups. If not, have you tried MAC's face and body foundation? I think you might like it. The packaging is similar, it has light to medium coverage and it has the same liquid type consistency. Great blog by the way :) ~Emily

jane said...

hey :)
thanks for the comment.
err I don't shop at century 21 because I don't live near one but I know for sure that they carry good things.

definitely check out all the major department stores in nyc! I'm not sure you can actually find things at cheap prices there but it's just really amazing to look at a very fashionable city.

Lastly, I bought the items from a few different places. I'm not sure which item you were referring to but I went to loehmans for many of the "good deal" items. too bad you're flying here in 2 weeks, the clearance reductions end this coming monday =(

Hope this helps and sorry for the really long comment LOL

if-I-were-Audrey said...

i used it once too