my favourite youtube gurus

She's a very successful professional makeup artist that works for magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Glamour and brands like Chloe, Alberta Ferretti, Prada, Donna Karan and Moschino. I love her personality, she super friendly and down-to-earth, i definitely can understand why people love working with her! All her videos are filmed in superb lighting and look studio quality. she's done a wide range of looks, from modern "rocker" and smokey eye makeup to classic looks and tutorials on makeup removal and blemish concealing. I really like her approach to makeup, she doesn't make it seem overly "girly" or shallow or "fake", her makeup looks, her personality and her presentation are clear and fresh and plus she's british! who doesn't love british accents? she's my favourite guru at the moment. check out her website

fav vids: Pink Glitter Lip, First Date Look , 60's peachy lips, Cheryl Cole - Elle magazine cover look

Queenie, who is Beauty QQ, is amazing, i love her! she is a great role model and one of the best people on the internet. in those guru gossip forums where they bash most gurus, she and manwomanfilm (below) are one of the few that they rave about and they are picky viewers! all of her videos have great music and she writes wonderful, inspirational quotes about life and taking care of yourself and being grateful, her videos are beautiful and not just about makeup. If your chinese she does some of her videos speaking Cantonese or mandarin and i think all of her videos have chinese subtitles and English subtitles. i like how she makes makeup fit in with life and reminds people of the other things in life. I watch her videos not only for beauty tips but for what she puts into them and how she inspires me.

My fav vids: Chic and Sexy Night Out Makeup, Natural And Glamorous Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

I think she's one of the most creative gurus, especially considering the quality of her videos. she's japanese i believe and she's not a professional makeup artist although she certain should be one. she is very skilled and has some astonishingly original artistic looks. some of her videos seem like michellephan ones (she has a geisha look, a mask look and a zebra look) but i'm pretty sure her videos came out first. She recently posted some striking valentines day looks (i really like them!) and she has some great hair tutorials. I always looked at those asian magazine's hair tutorial photos (like in ViVi or Ray or Beauty, etc.) but i still couldn't grasp how they did it, she makes it looks super easy and look really nice. she usually doesn't talk in her videos, if you don't like watching videos where the person sort of rambles on and on you'll love her like me because her videos are straight to the point and well edited.   she has her own distinct style both in terms of makeup and video editing. everything is high quality!

fav vid: Easy makeup look for Graduation & Prom ,

her videos have a more home-made feel to it but are still good quality. her looks are gorgeous and she has some great tips. she's 18 and she's sooo pretty! She has a ton of great, cute everyday looks and she's has some more dramatic makeup tutorials.

other cool channels/gurus
Shantea mac

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i've reached 100 followers this week! thanks guys! most of you started following me while this was mainly my personal blog with a few reviews and such here and there, recently i've been making a lot more product review posts because i've gotten busier and my product reviews were getting long overdue. i hope you still find them helpful! i've made a lot changes to this blog this month, to everyone that's known me for a while, thank you all for sticking through with me and to all my new followers a big hello! and i hope to get to know you guys better ^^


Donna ♥ Baby said...

those are ALL my favourite gurus too!! minus the last one because i've never heard of her! but now i'm going to subscribe :) thanks for shareing! <3

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Thanks for the rec!!!!!!! I was sitting for an hr watching videos!! :)

o0SerenityAngel0o said...

haha some of my favorite gurus are on here too. thanks for showing me your faves I'll have to check out the others later :)

Supergirl said...

Thanks for sharing!! Defintaley have to check it out!

Dylana Suarez said...

Awesome post!


-mztoots- said...

omg! pyonghwaa is SO pretty! thanks so much for sharing im so subscribing to her now! and I'm going to check out manwomanfilm! ive been sticking to the same old gurus and its nice to get some new ones in my line up!! TY TY >.<

ChocoDisco said...

I follow some of the gurus mentioned =)

will definitely be checking out the rest of them! thanks for sharing darling!

Emvely said...

I love beauty qq and manwomanfilm!!!
bigbig fan of manwomanfilm! her tutorial is art i love how she edit her vid :] thank you for recommandation

+new follower

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shwinlewin said...

Hell yea these are the amazing woman! I'm so glad you chose them instead of the over-popularized guru on youtube who really fade in comparison to these expert.