almay smart shade makeup


Almay has a new version of this called “Smart Shade Balance” that I haven’t tried, this is the older version. Its a pretty cool idea, It comes out as a greyish-ivory liquid with black beads that slowly disappear as you rub it out and it “changes” into your skin tone.

ass3Ta-Da! This is what the formula looks like, straight out of the tube.

Coverage is very, very light you really can’t tell that its there. I don’t believe it transforms specifically into your skin tone though, I mean really, how can it sense that? Plus, there was some product that was left on the tube, which is white and it still dried to a beige color.

ass2 (It photographed darker than in real life)
If the formula was really selective to the shade of skin, how come it dried to beige even though its never been in contact with skin?

Therefore I conclude that it doesn’t transform into your skin tone, it just dries into the shade that you selected (light, medium, etc.) and because the coverage is so light, it looks like your skin color. My pet peeve about tinted moisturizers or very light coverage foundations is that you could just buy a full coverage foundation, for the same price, and use less of it or mix it with your own moisturizer to make a low coverage foundation. Full coverage foundations can be used as concealer too , so why buy a light coverage one?

I’m not sure what they changed in their new version. I think “Balance” was added because while I was using this version I wondered since foundation is used to even out skin tone, if this transforms into the tone of the area you apply it to and that area happens to be slightly darker or lighter than the rest of your face or if it “converts” shade as you spread it wouldn’t it just change into the shade of your dark spots at your dark spots and your skin would look exactly the same? What I did was I swirled it around my cheeks until it changed color and then I spread it out. Problem is it really didn’t make a difference, I tried applying it to one side of my face and not the other and by afternoon I had forgotten which side had this foundation and which side didn’t and I couldn’t tell which side did. There was no different of side, no extra oil control, nothing that I could tell. The only plus for this is that it has SPF 15. Other than that, it doesn’t do much of anything in my opinion, I hope the new one is better but unless it really is I’d say try something else. 


cryskay said...

the photos are your blog are always amazing and gorgeous. it makes me want everything even a poor product like the almay one! you should try chanel's vitalumiere aqua. i wasn't a big fan of tinted moisturizers until i tried it.

shwinlewin said...

^ what cryskay said! Vitalumiere aqua is an amazing product! But perhaps too pricy.

And this is a great perspective review of the product :O

And I agree with you on the whole tinted moisturizer thing. But everyone has their preference. I myself don't like it too full because I find it suffocating on my skin. But I don't use tinted moisturizer either because I like my moisturizer on its own so most of the time I just use concealer.

Melody of Beauty said...

I have never tried this product, but thanks for the review!

Come and help me chose the dress!

suki pooki said...

Thanks for the review! I've seen this stuff around my local drugstores and have always been curious! I agree with the whole "dries according to the shade" thing!