like a fairytale


congratulations to kate middleton and prince william!
they look so beautiful together. like something out of a fairytale


I. said...

the moving pics are very cute!
it's a shame he's already bald, he used to look quite handsome! But they're a very cute couple!


FashionableAsians said...

I loved the part when they were in the carriage and he tells her to "wave to the people even if your tired", and she obeys. She's such a sweet and obedient girl! lol

Mica ^_^ said...

I was watching the live broadcast @ a Chinese eatery over dinner n i discovered he's balding too >_< Kate Middleton is just absolutely gorgeous, love her smile...

like the moving images and the fact they're black n white! i think the b&w effect gives it a special touch, making it more fairytale-like!

Pink Ripped Tights said...

the moving pics are very cute!
And your blog is very NICE :)
XoXo !

Dale said...

Wow, great post, I don't think I can get tired of looking at these beautiful pics of them. And the cute kissing one at the end is adorable.

Great blog, following you now

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Cuestión De Moda said...

Hi!!!! fantastic post!!
Kate was wonderful!!!! I like the dress so so much!!!
Kisses darlyn!!
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Coco!♥ said...

aw theyr so cute togheter!
ANd i think i found a fellow coco :D

cryskay said...

i'll never get sick of watching footage or seeing photos from the royal wedding. kate looks stunning. i cant believe she did her own makeup!

Anet said...

beautiful story

Ginger said...

great couple. i hope THIS one lasts forever. you have got a very interesting blog sweety!!

LOIS said...

it was like a fairy tale indeed :)
Love Lois xxx

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

i love the GIF images at the end. its so cute.. i think they make such a perfect couple... everyone dreams to become a princess one day and her dreams came true ... ^_^