the best memories

The future has several names. For the weak, it is the impossible. For the fainthearted, it is the unknown. For the thoughtful and valiant, it is the ideal.
Victor Hugo
No cell reception, no internet, 4 channels of television (showtime, ABC, CBC and home renevation). A healthy break for us.
227532_10150190619674244_596804243_6790634_4543956_n2227826_10150190629689244_596804243_6790804_6930587_nThis week I got back from a 4 day trip to a historical town in Northern British Columbia with my school.  It was happiness, unexpected.   
20 years from now i;m not going to remember a lot from high school, but these moments out of the ordinary; spring break in New York, Barkerville with my classmates, these are the things that will stick. These are the memories worth every penny  they cost to make.  These are, the best memories.

* some photos are from my friend.


Angie said...

the food looks oh-so-good! i'm glad you'll have good memories to take away :)

Rock'n'Diamonds said...

the food looks so tasty !!

--Sanam-- said...

These are some amazing photos from your trip, that first one is stunning! :)

Day By Diva
Day By Diva

suki pooki said...

This place looks gorgeous! Oh the beauty of northern BC! I often take it for granted the mountains and lovely terrain we have! I mean, just over in the next province it's all flat land!!! hahaha I think I need a healthy break from all the crazy internet and reception etc. That brekkie looks great! =D Perhaps bf and I need to go here as a great getaway, would you mind telling me where this was? Whistler or the other end? lol

Angie said...

aww thanks for the feedback on my haircut hehe! i want to dye it black but i think i'll give it a break since my hair is so damaged, it doesn't want to retain colour anymore.

i actually haven't seen the tron legacy, definitely on my to-see list. do you mind if i steal the "click here to follow" button ? i want to ask first, it's so cool and minimalistic.

Dasha said...

yaaaay, great pictures!
these landscapes are sooo beautiful


Marion ♥ said...

Hi :) Saw you on soompi! <3 All the food in this post makes me hungry -.-" Lol. Let's be friends? ^^ Write me back <3

Carla said...

mmmm, food <3 hihi,
nice picture's :)


Melody said...


Love your photos!

rach. said...

what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance, could you check out mine? i would really love to see what you think! :)

follow me?

wintergurl said...

Nice food and view

Aina said...

Your photos are great!

Keep up the great work! Supporting Canadian bloggers!


Xay B. said...

NIce pix.

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QTL Images