nivea rich regenerating night care

i bought this because i really liked Nivea creme, it was too greasy and thick for me but it really made my skin super soft.  I have oily/combination (in the winter) skin but I bought the sensitive skin one because I was thinking that the sensitive skin formula would make my skin softer. As it turns out, over moisturizing doesn't do your skin any good. As your skin doesn't absorb it, it sits on top and can make your skin look dull. The thing about this product is that it's less thick than Nivea creme but it has the consistency of butter at room temperature. Its easy to spread and smooth but greasy and in fact, one of its main ingredients is hydrogenated vegetable oil (margarine).  A little does goes a long way and although its only 48 grams of product this will probably last you a year.

I know someone who has really sensitive skin, she was born with enzyme and this is one of the only creams she doesn't react to. this has been working for her however it does list fragrance and cetyl alcohol ingredients. Personally, I didn't really like it because it made my face feel greasy after i applied it and other than moisturizing it doesn't really give any other benefits. There's no antioxidants or BHA or AHA exfoliating ingredients and it also didn't make make my skin as soft as nivea creme. 
The glass packaging is nice but jar packaging isn't as sanitary as a pump bottle and environmental wise the glass jar is thicker than it needs to be making it a bit wasteful.

bottom line: this isn't a face cream i'd go back to, its OK but nothing special.

EDIT: this post was originally posted on Wednesday, somehow blogger accidentally set it on private and deleted all the comments.

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