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Last week was an exciting week for me, it was my birthday and I got hired for my very first job (well, legitimate one anyways) and an old friend came into town for a visit. I also cut my own hair for the first time with two haircutting tools purchased from Daiso. I didn’t realize it until now, but I bought a lot of goodies too. I went to a cosmetics outlet I read about on mallvibes (here), the shop smelled horrible and the prices weren't much lower than you`d find normally at most drugstores but I found a few things I wanted.
1. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Foundation $8 (reg $12.99) – I don`t have mature skin but I was looking for a medium-full coverage foundation and this one has good reviews on mua. The shade I got is 150 Classic Ivory, 2 shades darker than the lightest they make but this shade was the lightest I could find in the shop. They do say that its better to go darker than to go lighter. A foundation that`s too light can make you look pasty and ghostly but I always thought they could `brighten up` your face to give you a glow. 
1. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector (concealer + highlighter) $8 (reg $10.99) – Heard rave reviews of this, can`t wait to give it a go!
3. Neutrogena Oil Free Fresh Moisture $5 (reg $9.99)  -  my second time buying this product. I rarely repurchase products but I have liked this one, its light weight and has been keeping my skin smooth for the past year.
my year old tube compared to the new one
2  Sunscreen, guess where I got this! At Dollarama! This was $2 at Dollarama and its still sold at places like Zellers and Superstore for around $10. I was pretty sceptical to get this because I`ve heard that some dollar stores take the packaging of a product and fill it with something different but still sell it as whatever the packaging says. Dollarama is a large retailer though and I don`t think they`d do that. This sunscreen seems great so far regardless.
Water proof mascaras! Because their supposed to hold a curl better and I`m tired of getting smudges on my lower lash line. I`ve opened `the Falsies`so far and am disappoint so far to be honest.
First box of ice cream for the summer. Got it two weeks ago and its almost empty already!
I`m now using Aussi hair care, no particular reason, just ran out of shampoo (was Herbal Essences) and conditioner (was Aveeno). Really love this stuff so far. Makes hair super soft, smooth, shiny and smells good!  
 Merge Down
Daiso haul, I actually have a lot of Daiso hauls to fill you guys in with. This one has an umbrella (haven`t used yet), hair cutter (LOVE IT, used it to cut my hair last week), haircutting scissors (used it a bit, don`t really like it) and a pill remover (mom loves it). Everything was $2 and more opinions on them soon.

I miss doing posts like this! Its what made blogging fun in the first place. Thank you all for still reading this blog even though I hardly update anymore, hello! to my new readers, I promise I`ll put up more posts for you to read more often!


che said...

Congrats on your first real job! I really miss being able to go to Daiso since I moved, I use to go all the time.

Nice deal you got on all the items even if it was only a tad bit below retail.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Loving all the stuff you hauled, especially the Maybelline stuff. Their mascaras are always good :D I also love their concealers, and I look forward to your age rewind review.

I really like your photos.. =)

CAMILLA said...

nice haul...
i love all the things u bought..
esp. the daiso ...i need that hair cutter for my bangs :)

PopBlush said...

Nice haul~
I have heard good things about the Falsies mascara =)

M.A.C.nunu said...

I also bought the Maybelline Falsies mascara, but I got the non-waterproof version cos I hate waterproof mascara.
It really doesn't do much right?! Afterwards my lashes are still kind skinny and droopy. I have to layer it with a volumising mascara underneath. Let's hope the formula gets better once it "ages" a bit.
I was also quite stumped with the brush.

Despina T. said...

these mascaras are awesome.i've tried them and i loved them.really nice and unique blog dear.i am definitely following you.follow back if u want :)

Little Petite said...

I use a sunscreen by Hawaiian Tropic too. I want to try the Neutrogena oil free fresh moisture!

Ms.Thumbsup! said...

I know that it's all about beauty products but my eyes were so attracted by the ice cream box ! lol

iamaina said...

we have the same mascara.. the purple one.. :) Im using clinique moisturizer now..but its about to run out.. is the neutrogena real' good in your skin?..

Anonymous said...

really wanna try those mascaras!!

Gaby de Modacapital said...

Hi! :)
I really like your blog, I follow you :D
...maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)

fati said...

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