live city

Let there be many windows to your soul,
that all the glory of the world may beautify it
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I have olympic fever! Ok i need to admit that when the olympics started here in Van I couldn't care less and was more concerned about how traffic would be a mess now but as of a couple days ago I am proud and honored to be a resident of the city that is currently hosting the winter olympics. Today i went to Live City in Yaletown, one of the free olympic venues going on! It was okay, the lineup to get in was over an hour, the sponsoring companies took no stops in promoting themselves (freaking annoying but imao the videos were pretty good!), and the food was seriously overpriced ($6 for a slice of pizza, $7 for a sandwich). I would not have gone on my own time but I'm glad i got to see it! picturees below

goodies i came back with!

they talked about promoting healthy and active living but was a total paradox cause their selling products that don't fit into a healthy lifestyle.

more pictures of the goodies

i like this one the most!

legs are dead tired right now! standing up all day is really exhausting. i don't know how waiters do this! new found respect for them.

go canada go! fourth place in metal standings is pretty good since we have like one tenth the population of the USA!

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