camwhoring vancouver!

gah i'm overdue in blogging but a lot has happened in the last 6 days . i'll start with saturday , it was another beautiful day outside, and got some great shots downtown! i decided to join the olympic crowd and explore my city (:

i really love this picture, it looked great even before i enhased the colours with photoshop!

stupid fence

the flame burns on! its been raining lately though, i wonder if they put a roof over it to keep it dry?

another fence ): this building was made for the olympics, forgot what its called though...

canada place was standing long before this but has definitely been renovated, i like the new look .

most canadians i know arn't very patriotic but i was really proud to see this! 7 golds so far!

olympic spirit (:

it was funny to see the mobs of people trudging along the store streets and then strolling peacefully along the empty streets with business buildings a block away.

its so hard to get food downtown! the lineups to get into a resturant are outrageous, store owners earned $2 million (all of them in total) in profit on the first day of the olympics. they're jumped the prices too )':

this shot belongs in an art gallery!

a taste of vancouver architecture

multimillion dollar apartments at waterfront

things will be great when your downtown

this is an actual photo! it really looks like a cartoon doesn't it?

british columbia, the best place to be. not really lmao, its raining like mad now!

ok that's really rare O_O its the first hippie van i've seen in person

this is my shot of the robson square ice skating rink, no one got on the ice from the time we were there ): i expected to see loads of people skating and cheesy music!

the line for the art gallery was about an hour, once you got in you forgot about everything except what you were looking at. i didn't understand a lot of the art but the way they presented it was very impressive.

nothing else to do while waiting to get in so i took a bunch of pictures

countdown to the opening ceremonies! (paralympics)

lost in the crowd....

a friend lined up for the zipline at 6AM and finally got on it at 12PM ! he said it was worth it , i hope they'll still have it up later on .

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