Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us.
John N. Mitchell

got some pictures of olympic-related stuff of flickr and edited them a bit

this is such a beautiful shot of the olympic flame! (not taken by me) i only edited the lighting a bit.

whooooot! go canada! three gold so far!

the zipline! it looks like so much fun but there's no way i'm standing in line for 4 hours to do that.

robson square ice skating rink. just like in the movies where couples go skating at christmas, it must be soo crowded now 0_0

we had another great day of weather here so i headed downtown with a couple of friends afterwards. got a new mascara, prestige my blackest lashes. no match for lancome fatale in volume but my lashes arn't weighted down as much and it doesn't clump, i'll give an "in depth" review with before and after pictures some other time. =)

sephora is awesome, you can shop for stuff without being ambushed by sales people, i'm so glad they finally opened up in vancouver this summer.

i leave you with a picture of a fine product they have for sale at aberdeen center in richmond. you want this, you know really really want this.

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