benefit her glossiness

left shade: my people your people right shade: didn't hear it from me
(the colours are a bit lighter and more pink in real life)

overall rating: 7.5/10
benefit isn't known for their lipglosses but i picked this up because packaging was so cute! the first thing i noticed was the smell, strong, very sweet and slightly fruity, like a victoria's secret body lotion mixed with old lady perfume. all in all, not a very appealing scent. on a different note, both colours are sheer but "didn't hear it from me" does add a touch of pink. it lasted through the day and wasn't sticky, instead it felt very smooth on my lips and not uncomfortable at all (: other then the smell its a i think its a good lip gloss but if you decide not to get it you wont be missing out on a lot.

& last day of spring break!

in two days its back to classes as opposed to very educational window shopping and internet surfing. spring break 2010 comes to a close ):

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