Nothing is impossible.
The word itself says 'I'm possible.'
~Audrey Hepburn

late on posting this but the cherry blossoms have bloomed! the trees that have been bare for the last past three months are now stunningly decorated with soft pink blossoms

i loove pink

in heaven<3

get a look at my neighborhood!

every spring in vancouver this is the first thing i look forward to! when i was a kid my friends and i used to through sticks at the trees (shhh) so a shower of petals would fall and we'd try and catch as many as possible and make a wish!

feeling a lot brighter after making this post^^ will sleep early today~

edit: new 2ne1 mv!

got these pics from catalina's blog, they all look so goregous! the makeup, the quirky fashion, the dancing starwars robots, the song, is love<3 gaaah *drools*

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