money money money

i just read about the gifts Catalina received from her blog followers and i am so happy that there are so many generous and good-willed people out there. you know with the way the media portrays the world and society you'd think there's no good in it and everyone's shallow, selfish, greedy and an overall bad person. the media should reflect reality, but instead it selects what i wants to show. its not fiction but its not the whole truth. they'll show you one angle and act as if the others arn't there.

everything has become a business, a industry made for the reason of earning money. its not reporting news, its selling news. when i watched movies when i was little i was always amazing by the wide variety of stories they told but now when i watch the same movies as an older person i see that the conflicts and stories all rolve around the same things. all the bad guys are after money, in fact the biggest chunk of the main conflicts are about money! there is so much more to the world then money and i think its pretty pathetic that the entire industry can't think of a story that's not about it. the main reason that i like the joker in the dark knight is that he's one of the few superhero villains that are not after money, he has just been through so much chaos that he has become chaos. like dr. oz in spiderman 2, both are villains that are actually real characters that stand out among the cheap conflict blocks that many writers throw in, in attempt to keep their stories interesting. its the reason i dislike the creating of voldemort in the harry potter series, he's bad because he was born bad. his father was bad, his whole family was bad so he's going to be the baddest. he did not grow up bullied, but he was abandoned.

i'm really glad the worldwide media has changed their angles on the vancouver 2010 olympics, i was going to be very particular and harsh on judging the upcoming london and sochi olympics due to the way they've been treating us but i will take their change in heart as an apology and be a forgiving person

forgive but never forget

official goodbye to the olympics post still coming up but i'm feeling kind of sick atm. i've mainly stayed home for my spring break so far ): i have gone out though, i went for a walk this morning and i bought 2 my beauty diary paper masks sets!

both have ten masks each

red wine masks

aloe masks

haven't tried them yet but i will soon! i've heard a lot of great things about them(:

last words
don't foolishly follow what other want you to believe. remember that unless you were there, unless you lived it, you would be unfair to judge

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